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Mar 2, 2011 03:25 PM

Help!!!! Where are the jelly beans??????

What did Montréal do with its jelly beans? Didi I miss some recent statistic that jelly beans kill?
I am having a wicked jelly bean craving- and I don't want 50 flavours. Or 49.
I want eight: red, orange, yellow, green, purple, pink, black, white. Nice bright colours, not all old and sticky.
I used to get the resealable McCormick's ones, and they were so good.
I just spent a couple of hours all over Mile-End/Outremont and cannot find any jelly beans! Where'd they go?
I checked every pharmacy, dep, movie rental place, dollar store, and grocery store and there are no jelly beans! None! Like, literally (in the actual sense of the word), none. At the Blockbuster, they had apple/cherry/coconut ones from Christmastime at 75% off, and I saw some Jelly Bellies at a Jean-Coutu. But holy crap, people, I am serious- not another jelly bean out there! Not a single crummy package. I just want plain old-fashioned jelly beans. I have had the Sans Nom ones before- they are terrible- but they also didn't exist today- I don't get it. Easter candy is out there, and not a single jelly bean. There are tons of jellyish candies- blue whales? Jelly rabbits? Jelly everything, and no beans.
But I want that special, candy-coated, not grainy sugar-coated, simple-flavoured good jelly bean taste! 1) What is wrong with Montréal?
2) Has anyone seen the McCormick's jelly beans anywhere for sure? I will travel anywhere in Montréal and get them!
I feel like I am stuck in the Twilight Zone.

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  1. Not sure about mccormick's, but you can get jellybeans in any candy store. There is one in the alexis nihon shopping center and there is one in the basement of Eaton Center. You can also call sucre bleu and ask if they have what you are looking for.

    1. I have seen them in a few places, but for sure as of yesterday @ IGA on Wellington, corner Willibrord in Verdun. On rack in centre of 1st ilse down past the fruit and veggies, between the cold cuts and the end of the freezers just before the fresh meat section!

      1. Thanks!
        I checked a number of candy shoppes, but they all had Jelly Bellies. More is not better! (I think Jelly Belly makes great jellybeans- just way too complicated, and I am totally against things like buttered popcorn- flavoured.) I'll keep checking- and meanwhile, I will totally try an IGA- there aren't any near me, so I didn't yesterday, but I did try Provigo- there was nothing, though they often have the aforementioned crummy Sans Nom ones.
        Cool, well, here's hoping today's search will go better (craving still gnawing away at me...).

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          Just beware - I havn't seen them @ any other IGA. So if you are going to travel to find some, I can't guarantee anywhere else is a safe bet.

        2. Try "sparkles"on monkland............lots & lots of candy..............jellybeans included.....i so miss Johnny Jellybean.

          1. I have never been to "Sparkles," but am wary of fancy candy places since I want the cheap but good quality 8 flavour kind. I did see that the Living Social deal today is $10 for $20 at Sparkles, though....
            I did just run to an IGA, where, to my immense pleasure, there were Compliments jelly beans, which look good, but I have yet to taste... will let you know.
            So, thanks for the advice! If they are not good, I might get the Living Social deal and lug myself out to Sparkles and try there...