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Mar 2, 2011 02:59 PM

Where can i find Pork Belly ? Good quality and not expensive.

Besides fairway.. where can i get some pork belly with skin on ?

Bk Hook is selling for 8 a pound.. i will need 4 pounds to make bacon. And its not worth it at that cost.

Can anyone recommend a place?


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  1. Any Chinese butcher, most Italian butchers, any Irish butcher, any Colombian butcher, etc.

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    1. re: JFores

      thank you. i figured as much. was looking for recommendations for quality meat.


      1. re: lestblight

        What do you mean by "quality meat"? do you mean organic, or a heritage breed, or berkshire pork? Otherwise, the ethnic butchers are almost certainly selling pork from the same producers/suppliers as other butchers/supermarkets. And in fact, chinese butchers probably move this cut the fastest, so their pork belly may be the freshest, if that's a consideration. Otherwise, unless it specifically says organic or humanely raised or heritage breed or some such, it's almost certainly the same pork, tho perhaps cut a little differently and/or packaged a little more prettily.
        If you are, in fact, looking for organic/local/humane/berkshire or some such, not sure you will find much cheaper than $8 a pound. Or not cheaper enough to make it worth your while to travel for it, perhaps.

    2. I bought some at Frank and Sal's
      I must say, the pork belly at Whole Foods ( though not in Bklyn yet) looked positively beautiful.

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      1. re: carfreeinla

        Yep, Frank & Sal's is good. I've gotten the whole belly there several times for making pancetta. And you're probably in the $3-plus a pound range. But other poster is correct: most ethnic butchers should have it.

        Frank & Sal
        8008 18th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11214

      2. Los Paisanos on Smith & Bergen should have it at a reasonable price. Maybe you have a friend who's part of a CSA or Coop if you're looking for relatively inexpensive organic pork belly?

        Paisanos Meat Market
        162 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201