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Mar 2, 2011 02:16 PM

Jackson Heights Greenmarket

I'd like to get some reviews about this greenmarket from those of you who have shopped there before as I am thinking of going this weekend for the first time. What are the fruits and veggies like? Any grass fed meat? How about eggs? What are the prices like? Thanks in advance for feedback and replies.

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  1. A list of vendors is here:

    I've only been once, but I liked the chickens I got from Hoosick River Poultry.

    1. Things are slowly picking up, as the vendors who trudged here thru the winter are joined by others. Yes to the grass-fed beef, there's also the Di Paola turkey, the fish guys from L.I., the Hoosick poultry people. The mushroom guy has been out all winter, also featuring some great root vegetables. We are also seeing the rugelach guy, the Red Jacket apple people, the cheese people, and wine people (as in the fall, sometimes it's Anthony Rd from the Finger Lakes, sometimes the one from LI). The guys from Philips Farms in NJ have recently returned, with apples, produce, and pussy willows, among other things. There's also a bread bakery stand (a new one) that is great, and a guy from the Hudson Valley with beautiful, organic, baby greens. Oh, I think the honey people are usually there as well. So things are nowhere near what they are when the market is in full stride, but it's enjoyable nonetheless.

      Oh, you also asked about pricing -- I'd say most everything's on the expensive side, at least for JH. (For example, the baby greens IIRC are going for $5 for .25 lb.) For the vendors, I'm sure the pricing is fair, given what it takes to produce the stuff and get it down here.