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Mar 2, 2011 02:12 PM

Hinotori Yakitori to replace Sakana Seafood in Arcadia

Just passed by recently and saw noticed a new sign for that sushi restuarant which I always saw, never visited, and never knew closed down last year.

Gonna swing by to take a look and see if I can grab a menu later but if this is close to what I am hoping for I may be a very happy man.

Sakana Seafood Restaurant
713 W Duarte Rd, Arcadia, CA 91007

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  1. I'm looking forward to trying this place, too. Meanwhile, if anyone knows of a place that can fill the niche Sakana left open (i.e., really good mid-priced sushi in SGV), please let me know! Sakana had the best $50ish omakase in the area... it was wonderfully creative without being gimmicky. Much better and more authentically Japanese than the dime-a-dozen sushi roll factories, but still friendly, unpretentious and reasonably priced.

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    1. re: Bradbury matter what owners they was always good quality for decent prices.

    2. Picture I snapped today, unfortunately they weren't open so I wasn't able to check the inside and see a menu if they had one.

      1. Went in tonight. The food (I tasted) was pretty good, but we had such a bad service experience. They brought our food to the wrong table. The server came over and showed us the ticket and all of our food had been crossed off, so clearly he knew something was wrong. Long story short. I explained it 2 more times to this other server and they still never fixed the problem. We got all our kitchen food and 1 yakitori order. People who had come in 20 min after we ordered were getting their yakitori. The thing that put me over the edge is that noone really owned up to it that they had made the mistake and basically apologized for the food taking too long, which wasn't the problem. So, I would say, go check it out, but probably wait for a while for them to fix the kinks. Like you guys my family and I liked Sakana and were sad to see it fo.

        1. I went there this week and food was not bad but nothing worth driving a distance for. At least its down the street from me, overall I was disappointed it wasn't a charcoal grill they were using. Also service was pretty fast for us too so no complaints on that end.