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Mar 2, 2011 01:20 PM

Good Restaurant Near Sutton Place Hotel

I am coming in this weekend on a business trip and need a good restaurnat for Sunday evening near my hotel. I am not too particular as to what type of food, but want something that will be memorable and something local to Chicago. I need to decide as soon as possible. Thanks everyone!

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  1. That's funny; as you were posting that, I was typing a reply to someone looking for recommendations near the Drake, which is only a block from the Sutton Place. So the same recommendations will apply. I'll also throw in our delicious local specialty of deep-dish pizza, which you can get at Pizano's on State. It's memorable and it's local to Chicago. Phone ahead with your pizza order to avoid waiting 30-45 minutes while there for your pizza to bake.

    Here are the places I recommended in the other topic:

    - Cafe Spiaggia for moderately-priced Italian fare
    - Le Colonial is a Vietnamese restaurant in a converted townhouse
    - Balsan has very good contemporary American food, in the new Elysian Hotel
    - Gibson's Steakhouse and Hugo's Frog Bar are right next to each other and share the same kitchen. Gibson's emphasizes steaks and Hugo's emphasizes seafood.
    - Saloon Steakhouse is another good one nearby. So is Morton's.
    - Bistro 110 is a good French bistro.

    I'll add in one more recommendation, that's just a little further but still less than a ten-minute walk - Salpicon, for creative provincial Mexican food.

    I believe all of these are open on Sundays, and all but Pizano's are on

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      Probably a 10-12 block walk but David' Burke's Primehouse is a consideration on Sunday, too.

    2. Check out the Purple Pig. It's in the 500 block of North Michigan, so whether you want to walk or not would depend on the weather. The menu is great. Cheese, swine and wine.

      1. I ended haveing to pick a restaurant right away and went with Gibson's Bar and Steakhouse. They were one of the only ones I was able to get a reservation at that were really close to my hotel. Did I make an OK decision? Any recommendations on what to order? Obviously steak is their staple items, but anything else that is worth getting?

        Gibson's Bar and Steakhouse
        1028 N Rush St, Chicago, IL 60611

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          Located in the heart of the "Viagra Triangle," Gibson's is a scene, especially for men a little past their prime with expense accounts who are looking for younger women who are looking for men with expense accounts.

          The steaks are good, as are most of the sides. Prices high. Service inconsistent. Some people love it. You'll find a lot of other people there from your show. Hopefully, that's a plus.

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            Gibson's is a very good steakhouse. It's definitely a bustling place, with occasional local celebrities eating there. In my numerous visits I've never seen the older men / younger women phenomenon that chicgail mentions humorously ("Viagra triangle", LOL!) ; it certainly has not been the predominant demographic there in my visits! (There tend to be a lot of businessmen and businesswomen of all ages, locals as well as visitors from out of town.) Steak is the thing to get there, of course. However, with Hugo's next door and serving out of the same kitchen, you'll find that the seafood at Gibson's is also very good and very fresh.

            I'm surprised Gibson's is the only place you could get a reservation. Usually it fills up before other restaurants in the area, not after.

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              I agree with both chicgail and nsxtasy....or at least part of the posts. A good steakhouse though the walk to D. Burkes is worth your time if you want steak. And unlike the Bermuda Triangle the Viagra Triangle exists...