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Mar 2, 2011 12:32 PM

Trendy Ft. Lauderdale dinner recommendation for 3 30-something gals

My sister, two girlfriends and I--all in our early to mid 30s--are spending the upcoming weekend in Ft. Lauderdale and would love some dinner recommendations. We are all quite open in terms of food with the sushi being the only thing we can't all agree on.

This is for a Saturday night dinner, so it would be nice if it were maybe more of a lounge-y place where we could get a cocktail before or after. One of us is on a bit of a budget, but after all it is a vacation so it isn't the biggest deciding factor. I'd say $30 - $50/ea. for dinner would probably be our limit.

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  1. I'd recommend drinks at Blue Martini and dinner next door at Capital Grille or Seasons 52.

    I know they're all chains but a good fit for what you're looking for.

    1. No doubt you should go to Yolo on Las Olas. They have a lounge, great restaurant and club. It will be packed on Saturday so get your reservation in asap.

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        I just checked out the Yolo website and it looks great. Sadly, no reservations available - only 6:30 (way too early) or 10 (too late for dinner). But I like the looks of it and the menu looks good, too. Other places like this that you might recommend?

        I've heard good things about Las Olas from a friend who's been, so that area might be fun to try. The one thing we don't want to run into is the young spring break crowd...

        Las Olas Cafe
        922 E Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

        1. re: boston1215

          Las Olas is good, which is where YOLO is. There are a variety of eateries there. I guess maybe my fav since I haven't been to YOLO is Noodles Panini. The food is good but I don't think they serve alcohol, only beer and wine and it is a pretty simple place.

          My earlier recommendation might be a good place, its a short drive away from Las Olas.

          1. re: GatorFL

            They always take walk-ins at Yolo, so would still recommend going there, putting your names down, and having a drink at the outdoor bar or lounge while you wait. Normally 20-30 mins. If when you get there the wait is too long, go across the street to Timpano. Also a good atmosphere, decent prices, live music, and then you can go back to Yolo/Vibe afterwards.

            1. re: mrmagee

              Excellent recommendation - thank you thank you thank you! Our concierge was able to get us a reservation at 8 which was good, because it was packed and looks like there were tons of walk-ins waiting. The food was really fantastic--everyone was really happy with what they choose. Drinks were great, too.