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Trader Joe's smoked trout in a can

Does anyone have any idea if Trader Joe's still has the smoked trout in a can? I have checked a few different stores in the Boston area and they are all out..

Trader Joe's
1427 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

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  1. TJ's selection rotates at an alarming rate. This could be another R.I.P. item you won't see again. I learned my lesson when they ditched the soy butter I loved. Now I stock up if I see something I like.

    1. I was just at TJs in Framingham Sat and totally forgot to get the smoked trout (I usually buy about 6 cans at a time). However the time before that they had it. Please don't tell me they're getting rid of it! I love that stuff!

      1. The trout is "temporarily out of stock," so you won't find it in any stores for a while. The good news is that it isn't discontinued, but the bad news is that it might be a few weeks before it comes back.

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          Great... thank you so much!! I will just keep checking back with my local store. Thank you all for your comments. :)

        2. If this is the smoked trout that comes in a sardine-like tin, there's decent stock of it at the Fresh Pond TJ's as of this morning.

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            Thanks Boston_Otter!!! I went to Fresh Pond TJs Saturday morning and I am good to go. :) Thank you again.

          2. What does the can look like? I've never noticed this product. I could use an alternative to plain old tuna or kippered herring in a can. Is it packed in oil or water?

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              It looks just like a sardine can and is located right near the tuna. It is packed in oil

            2. Thanks for the heads up on this item!! Never tried before and just had it for lunch in chunks on Ak Mak crackers. Yum! I love the suggestion on the can to "refrigerate unused portion". Heh-Heh.

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                me too- I hadn't heard of it, and was looking for a smoked fish alternative to salmon,
                it's great tossed into a salad too. i bought a couple at the Mem drive store and put them in my desk for a quick lunch/ snack.

              2. They had a bunch at Acton last weekend too if anyone is still having trouble finding it.