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Mar 2, 2011 11:50 AM

Best Thing I Ate All Week, Feb 20-26 (maybe we can do this every week?)

I've been away from CH for a week or two but thought it might be fun if we started a thread each week -- maybe on Sundays -- just mentioning the best thing(s) eaten during the previous week. While many of us answer tourists' questions and such, this might be a nice piece of insight as to what we found ourselves to be remarkable.

I'll be happy to go first:
The best thing I had all last week was the Fudge Farms Pork Tenderloin at Veranda on Highland in B'ham


I'd *love* to hear from any & everyone else as to what you found to be spectacular...might want to check it out for myself! Thanks

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  1. It's been a "lean week", but I guess the grits that I ate at Zea's Rotisserie and Grill last night were the best thing I had all week. Sad, perhaps, but true.

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    1. re: curej

      So far, the best thing I've had all week was the "crack pie" I made for our Oscar party on Sunday. (Found the recipe in the LA Times.) Course, I doubt that's what you're looking for DFK. :)

      As for eating out - we've not been anywhere fancy. The best was a stop at Jim N' Nicks in Alabaster for riblets Tuesday night. Nice and smokey.

      1. re: Jannae

        Crack Pie? Do you eat it or smoke it?

        1. re: curej

          You slowly savor each and every bite, and wish you'd opted for the larger piece you gave to your spouse. As your spouse slowly consumes their slice of pie you begin to envision ways of stealing their pie, including rendering them unconscious. Then by some small streak of fortune, you remember there is more pie in the fridge. You happily sneak back to the kitchen and begin to nibble on the pie straight from the tin, thinking no one will notice the extra pie missing, or the smudge of powdered sugar on your chin.

    2. I made some chicken parmesan this week without a recipe or anything that turned out great! Though we eat out very often, there was nothing particularly memorable in the past week...

      1. Kung pao chicken at Mr. Chen's in Jackson.

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          1. re: Clarkafella

            It's great! And it fills quite the void in the Jackson restaurant scene. Have you shopped at the market? I went through with the kids last weekend (they LOVED the live seafood) and got a few things, but I don't do much Asian cooking at home so I can't offer much of an opinion.

            1. re: pkimble

              I'm working up the courage to buy and eat one of those big old crabs!

        1. hmmm...didn't actually go out to eat anywhere this week, but i'd have to say the tacos de lengua i made on sunday take this week's prize (plus i got to learn how to make homemade tortillas!!).

          1. We spent part of this week in Montgomery and Gulf Shores and had several very enjoyable meals - a much better success rate than we usually have. The best single meal was (by a very narrow margin) the shrimp lunch at King Neptune in Gulf Shores.

            King Neptune's Seafood
            1137 Gulf Shores Pkwy, Gulf Shores, AL 36542