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Mar 2, 2011 11:33 AM

Good restaurant near the Drake?


I will be in town next week with colleagues from NYC. We are looking for a nice dinner (we'll be in town for the housewares show) within walking distance from the Drake on Monday night. We're planning on grabbing cocktails at the bar there, then hopefully walking somewhere and having a good time. It's looking like most places are closed on Mondays though! Any leads?


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  1. The housewares show brings a lot of people to town. Have you checked to see what's open and available in that area that day?

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      I have, and this isn't our first year in Chicago. This year we're looking for something downtown, near the hotel, and Open Table and Yelp are showing up a few places, but I figured Chowhounders would be able to help us find a great meal!

    2. All of the following recommendations are within a five-minute walk of the Drake, and all accept reservations on

      My top pick near the Drake would normally be Cafe Spiaggia, right across the street from the Drake, for moderately-priced Italian fare. However, for a group from New York City, it might not be the best choice; I mean, it's very good, but there is so much Italian food in New York that it just won't seem all that different from home. But it's certainly close by!

      Le Colonial is a Vietnamese restaurant in a converted townhouse, also very good, very close.

      Balsan has very good contemporary American food, in the new Elysian Hotel.

      Gibson's Steakhouse and Hugo's Frog Bar are right next to each other and share the same kitchen. Gibson's emphasizes steaks and Hugo's emphasizes seafood.

      Saloon Steakhouse is another good one nearby. So is Morton's.

      Bistro 110 is a good French bistro.

      >> It's looking like most places are closed on Mondays though!

      Huh? I double-checked to make sure any nearby place I could think of would be open Mondays, and the only one I didn't mention because it's closed on Mondays was Seasons!

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        Another couple that I really like over there and why:

        Ditka's - great steaks and pork chops, but the real to-die-for is the Pot Roast Nachos (I am salivating while I type).

        For a younger and hipper crowd than Gibson's, try Lux Bar. Since it is owned by Gibson's they do serve the main steak menu, but also much more luxury bar-type food. The fried chicken is very good and many of the usual suspects that used to haunt the Gibson's bar looking for their young-ones, now sit at the bar at Lux Bar (this is directly across the street from sutton place for that poster).

        A few blocks further and very new is Bistronomic. I have not eaten there, but walked by a couple times in the last week and the menu looked very nice. It was busy and the chef is well-known and a favorite on this board.

      2. I am in the same situation as you. I ended up getting a reservation at Gibson's Bar and Grill. By the way, I'll be at the show as well!

        1. I recommend Bistronomic. Great food and service. Nice ambiance. Overall a really great experience.
          It's on Wabash a block or so north of Chicago so not very far from the Drake

          1. Thanks so much for all of your suggestions!

            We decided to go to Publican - we've had great meals at avec and Blackbird in past years, it just made sense to check it out! And, sadly, Girl and the Goat was booked!

            Looking forward to another fun Chicago trip - thanks!

            Girl and the Goat
            809 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60661

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              Regarding the Girl and the Goat, any of us could have told you they would be booked if you had asked. They open their reservations book three months in advance, and about a month later, they're either fully booked, or they only have some not very desirable times remaining. There aren't a lot of restaurants in Chicago that consistently fill up two months in advance - no more than half a dozen, I'd say - but that's one of them.

              I guess it turns out you weren't really looking for places within walking distance of the Drake after all, LOL! :)

              1. re: nsxtasy

                We were looking for walking distance, but nothing really seemed to spark an interest! Ha!

                As for G&TG, I have a few "connections" that could have gotten us in, coincidentally, but the times available wouldn't have worked with our schedule - grrrr!

                Thanks again, i'm looking forward to it (and Kuma's Corner again!)

                Kuma's Corner
                2900 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60618