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Mar 2, 2011 11:16 AM

Maple Syrup Anyone?

I am looking for kosher, natural maple syrup or syrup products (like candies, etc.) I know one brand, STEEVE'S MAPLE is kosher....where do I find this?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I looked at the Steeves website. It worries me! They claim to sell 'Canadian Syrup' for half the price of 'Pure Maple Syrup'. So what are they really selling? You can find pure, natural maple syrup at hundreds of local farms. This product comes from maple trees. It's naturally organic. And how can pure maple syrup not be kosher? It's not like it's disobeying the rules for killing animals, it's just tapping and reducing the natural sap from a tree using heat. Looking for Kosher and Organic maple syrup is just asking to be overcharged for a simply produced natural product.

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        Thanks so much...I was worried about the "canadian" thing as well. It needs to be kosher since although the stuff is organic, the processing and defoaming agents are not :)

        1. re: gossiptalk

          I would check out Acadian Maple Products in Upper Tantallon, Nova Scotia... they are highly professional and could answer all your questions... they ship world-wide!

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            Find a local farm supplier, not a commercial one. I think traditional buckets are better than plastic tubing. Wood fire under a stainless steel pan is the classic method. Then a final filter through something like cheesecloth. No additives, no defoaming, just the pure product. A websearch using some of the terms above should find a provider local to you.

            1. re: nastyman

              Just an FYI

              My father in law has a pretty small farm and does boil the sap in a steel pan and wood fire. However, based on my experience, even small farms are using plastic tubing just for ease of collection and because there is less metal (anywhere that would be able to sell to other people would likely use a similar method I suspect) Also the defoaming (if you are talking about what I think you are talking about) is used only while the sap is boiling just to keep the boil even (he uses milk which is usually skimmed off by hand.)

              1. re: Otonabee

                I admit that I'm a little plastic phobic. There's also the question of gravity only feed rather than a negative air pressure within the plastic lines that pull out the sap from the trees. Is this sustainable long term? No one seems to know, but it does provide more immediate profit to commercial operations.
                The defoaming we did was simply to physically skim off the bubbly foam while boiling. No need for milk, though I have heard of this method.
                The final filtering was through felt, not cheesecloth as I originally posted.

                1. re: nastyman

                  thank you so much for all your suggestions!!!! I didn't mean for this post to get as technical as it did, but thank you for teaching me :)

                  1. re: gossiptalk

                    Without understanding the technical details it's difficult to make an informed decision.
                    I only have one glass bottle of syrup left from last season so I'm looking for a great 2011 product.
                    This is Shrove Tuesday time, so pancakes and maple syrup are on the menu. I have a British background, so I still enjoy pancakes topped with lemon and brown sugar rather than maple syrup. But maple syrup is an incredible natural sweetener and battles with local honey in my recipes.
                    If you do decide to buy maple syrup, let us know your source!