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Mar 2, 2011 10:39 AM

Sukhothai in Lancaster...???

I ran across a mention of this place recently and wonder if anyone can tell me anything about it. Thanks!

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  1. I've been there once, for lunch, and enjoyed it. But, I must admit that I know NOTHING about Thai food. I have a good friend who's been to Thailand, and she can't stand it there (or any other Thai restaurant she's tried on the East coast, so take that as you will). To start I had the hot and sour soup, my husband had the fresh roll. I enjoyed my soup, but he was less impressed with his roll. He made up for it with the mango salad, which I tasted and also thought was great. I had the pad thai and honestly, remember liking it but nothing about it really sticks in my memory. I would say to give it a try. I hope to get back there and further my Thai food education.

    1. They've been in the area for a while, but until a few months ago, were in Mountville. They moved to the mostly-restaurant mall adjacent to the Lancaster Arts Hotel (Fenz, Rosa Rosa, and Pita Pit are also in there).

      They have a typical American Thai restaurant menu, so nothing too exotic, but they do a pretty good job of it--very nice flavors overall, and no disappointments. Their Thai spicy sausage appetizer is one of the better ones I've had.

      Aside from wishing they had some more exotic dishes, my one complaint is that the spice level seems to vary--something ordered 'spicy' can come out nice and spicy one time, but with almost no heat another time.

      1. I tried this place recently and thought it was fair. The highlight was the coconut soup, which was delicious. I ordered drunken noodles, which were very overcooked and mushified. Everything else at our table looked fine -- nothing to write home about, but about on par for other Thai restaurants in the area.

        1. I generally agree with other posts here that they have kind of dumbed down (Americanized) the cuisine which is a blessing in Lancaster with a historically rich cuisine like Thai. I'm sure they would not fare as well (or survive) if the cuisine was any more extreme. I'm from here and that's just how it is except we are much more accepting and cuisine-curious now (thank you TV Food Network). I've only eaten Thai in America and France, and have never studied it, so I'm certainly no expert in Thai cuisine but their food is fresh, intrinsically healthy and delicious and if you want heat, this is a good place to start in Lancaster-I've only had great or just solidly good food there. They can make your food hot with the abundance of chiles at the disposal of the chef or mild if you are cautious (or just unaware-yes I believe you) of scoville heat. Another nice thing is they are open in the afternoon between lunch and dinner and there is little waiting for either a table or food.

          I confidently recommend Sukhothai-Eric

          1. Just to update. I have a friend who is European, but lived in Singapore for over 9 yrs. She was just asking me for restaurant recommendations last week, and I mentioned Sukothai. She said that they has actually been there several times. That her family loves it (they have 3 children, the youngest 2 born while in Singapore) and they consider it the closest thing to how Asian cuisine is prepared and served in Asia that they have found yet in the area. They have been mostly disappointed, saying that too many other Asian restaurants seem to want to make things complicated with fancy sauces or unusual preparations rather than highlight good but simple flavors like she was used to while traveling around Asia. She commented that Sukothai has come closest to that simplicity, even if not everything is exactly like they would have in Asia.