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Mar 2, 2011 10:17 AM

whey is taking over my fridge!

hi all -

after several rounds of very successful greek yogurt-making (thanks to chow-ers), i am left with nearly an entire refrigerator shelf full of jars and bottles of whey. i've of course looked all over the internets to see what i can do with it, but i don't want to make a smoothie and i don't have pets or plants to water. i may try some in my bread next time i make it...

but what i really want to know is, can ricotta be made from it? i see all over the place that it's possible, but then when i go look at recipes, they're all milk and citric acid. i'm confused. can i just boil this and ricotta will magically appear? i've never made cheese, so i'm not sure if the whey from strained yogurt is the same as the whey you get from making cheese (which apparently can be used to make ricotta).


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  1. The whey must be fresh to make ricotta, so no, that isn't an option for you. And the whey doesn't stay fresh for very long so make that bread soon.

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      yikes... i never considered the freshness issue. by "very long", how long do you mean? like it stays good for a week? or is it more like a matter of days?

      1. re: poochiechow

        You know, I just always try to use it in bread dough before three or four days have gone by. I can't remember why I do this now. In fact, I don't know that I didn't make that up!