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Mar 2, 2011 10:06 AM

Plan B Burger Bar/Milford? - Ct.

I've heard rumblings that Plan B is opening a spot in Milford. I can't find anything definitive though. Anyone been to their other locations? I think there are 3. If so, how was it?

Not sure where or when this is supposed to happen. Can't imagine the location since I am guessing they are looking for a rather large space.

Maybe they'll take over the soon to be abandoned Border's space in the mall?

I hope not. I'd love to see this downtown.

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  1. I've been to the glastonbury location, nice bar area, burgers are just okay, fries, bleah...lotsa other menu options I haven't tried to be fair. Can't stand the ridiculous wait for a table. Found a better burger up the street at the diamond pub and grill, never the 45+minute wait for a table as planb frequently has. They'll have some big burger shoes to fill in the milford area, as I have tasty memories of paul's and the greeks

    1. I was at the one in West Hartford. The burgers are good. The beer and bourbon selection is even better.

      1. Much as I want to like Plan B, and want to support businesses in Glastonbury so I'm glad hear they seem to be doing well. But, I have to say the burger is so-so at best. I just don't like the loose pack of 'natural' beef. It is not particularly flavorful. I suspect the fat content is just too low. Plus, and this isn't really a negative, the burgers are ample -- I just can't eat the whole thing anymore. I wish they would offer a 5 or 6 oz alternate. I like their fries and house salad. The best burger in the area: Apricots in Farmington.

        Plan B
        120 Hebron Ave, Glastonbury, CT 06033

        1. The new Plan B in Milford will be in the Whole Foods plaza (no idea quite where in the plaza).
          They will be opening in June.
          This came straight from PlanB management.

          Plan B
          4 Railroad St, Simsbury, CT 06070

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            Thanks Gator man and all the rest of you. I think I'll give it a whirl but I can't really think where it will be either.

            Whatever, we'll see soon enough.

          2. The original comment has been removed