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Mar 2, 2011 09:28 AM

Something good a reasonablly short distance from moulin rouge

a friend is going to paris for moulin for her birthday and i was trying to help her find a great birthday dinner

i saw the thread that the food there is not good so she is relying on me to find a good place for her

she wants to keep it around 40-60 euro

looking at the map the one thing i saw that might work from my research is passage 53 - however the larger tasting menu would be a bit over her range, is the smaller tasting menu worth it or is it go big or go home here?

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  1. passage 53 is not particularly close to the Moulin Rouge.
    P├ętrelle is a short walk away.

    Another nice place is chez Jean on rue Lafayette but dunno about the 40-60 euro budget. Is that with or without wine? I believe the dinner menu starts at 50 euro for a 3-course. For a onen-star, it is not bad value at all.

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      40-60 euro is NOT including drinks or wine, sorry for the confusion

    2. Passage 53 has only one menu. In September, it was around 90 euros/person.

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        Chez Grenouille on rue Blanche is a five minute walk. It's good and is in your budget. Very meat orientated though. Do a search on here for more information.