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Mar 2, 2011 09:06 AM

Two Great Food iPhone Apps

I found two great apps that I just love...America's Test Kitchen app has recipes, reviews, etc., all around a great app.

Cheese Plate app by Janet Fletchr. The Cheese Plate app is outstanding for making cheese plates with three coordinating cheeses and it provides substitutions for each cheese if you cannot find the one recommended....great to have while at the store! IT has a breakdown of cheses by region, type and has cheese terms and how to's. It's $2.99 and my favorite app by far!

Any other food apps out there that CHs have discovered?

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    1. I agree with Julia on Opentable. definitely a helpful app. several others i find myself using often:

      Foodspotting. Has been slowish lately but it really has the right idea... especially in the right cities

      Yelp. even though i dont know if i can always trust the reviews. i was once in a decent sized city where three of the top 20 restos listed were fast food joints.

      Ratio. Based on Michael Ruhlmans book, pretty helpful

      Ben and Jerrys. Has most of their flavors listed, i mostly use it for imagination kicks when im trying to think of what ice cream to make next

      Smart Chef Substitutions. mostly when im dieting. quick and dirty way to figure out some easy subs when you are out of an ingredient or looking for a healthier alternative in a recipe

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        Theres been some major hate towards yelp on CH, but I find it quite useful especially living in a smaller city. You really do have to take reviews with a grain of salt, but it really helps in getting a quick lay of the land in a new city, seeing where everything's located, etc.

        1. re: Cherveny

          i definitely dont have any hate for it, its helped me pick where i will eat on several occasions for sure.

          but i do agree that a grain of salt is necc. people have very different qualifications for what makes a place a five star establishment... and its not always the food.

          1. re: mattstolz

            I'm in SF, and I use the Yelp app almost daily - but I've noticed recently the "find restaurant nearby" searches have starting returning really weird results. For example, they will list restaurants that are 1+ mile away above places that are actually on my block (this is just a purely "by distance" search, not filtered by ratings, etc.). I am starting to suspect that the search results algorithm is giving preference to paying advertisers. The new Google Places app is giving me better local search results these days. Anyone else feel the same?

        2. re: mattstolz

          > Foodspotting

          How about Here is an interview with the founders:

          "Chewsy is the mobile app that will change the way you eat out by showing you reviews of what really matters - the food. Now you can order with confidence, discover great dishes nearby and share your thoughts with the world."

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