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Mar 2, 2011 09:00 AM

Looking for local MILK to use for cheese making? Brooklyn-Williamsburg

Anyone know where i can find some that has not been Pasteurized too long ?

Would prefer as fresh and local as i can get.

Please let me know if you have had any success with certain brands of milk.


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  1. go to Marlow & Daughters on Broadway in Williamsburg. THey will have freshest, localest milk around.

    Marlow & Daughters
    95 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

    1. at various Greenmarkets, the Milk Thistle Dairy milk
      if you find yourself upstate near Ghent, go to the Hawthorne Valley Farm store. They sell raw milk, at the store/dairy only. (They sell yogurt and cheese at the Union Sq Farmer's Market.)