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APDC Cabane à sucre 2011

saltnpepperwhat Mar 2, 2011 07:53 AM

From reading the other threads, it seems like the menu changes from year to year.
Has anybody been this year, and could you comment on what you had?
Thanks, much appreciated.

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  1. estilker RE: saltnpepperwhat Mar 3, 2011 11:04 AM

    Going this weekend, will report back :-)

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      picklebird RE: estilker Mar 5, 2011 06:29 AM

      me too!

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        waziboy RE: picklebird Mar 8, 2011 05:45 AM

        What's the good word, picklebird (or estilker?) How was the sugar shack experience? Still in a food coma?

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          picklebird RE: waziboy Mar 8, 2011 06:15 PM

          Just recovering now! I have to say that we had a MUCH better time than the poster below (although our dishes were the same ones). We felt it was well worth the trip and the money. And we were all full, but not disgustingly so. And we found the dining room cozy and warm.

          -I thought that the smoked sturgeon with blinis and sour cream was absolutely delicious. And the salad with pork rinds was surprisingly light.
          -Ditto for the lobster omelette which was chock full of lobster meat and just a touch of maple syrup. That course was served with a delicious corn relish too.
          -We had plenty of food in the next course-- the pork shoulder and the chicken. The pork was sweet and succulent and served with delicious maple syrup soaked roasted vegetables. I ate way more of it that I really should have.
          -I was surprised at how good the desserts were. We loved the frozen nougat with chocolate on top and the crepes frites and tarte tatin were out of this world.

          I would go back again next year. Hell, I might even go back again with a cancellation this year! To tell you the truth, I am glad that they toned it down; I think it made it far more enjoyable. I have left every meal I've had at APDC feeling mildly ill for all the richness, but I made it through this one no problem.

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            waziboy RE: picklebird Mar 9, 2011 07:48 AM

            Great review! All the dishes you have mentioned are mouth watering. The only food that I would liked to have seen on the menu that have not been mentioned are maple smoked bacon, sugar pie or pudding chomeur.

            I can't wait to go next month! My group may want to opt for the tortiere so I'm curious as to how that turned out. Also, I'm assuming you can get their house beer there, eh?

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              picklebird RE: waziboy Mar 9, 2011 08:26 AM

              oh, we got the tortiere too. SO GOOD. It came early in the meal, so I had to hold myself back in order to save room for everything else. They do sell them to go too. I wish we had bought one. And yes to the house beer. We had two pitchers worth!

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            estilker RE: waziboy Mar 9, 2011 10:44 AM

            So I went this Saturday with a group of six. Reservation was at 1:30pm but we had to wait until 2pm to get seated. We were very hungry by then (mostly because we didn't eat that day in preparation for what was about to come).

            Actually we were one of the very first people for the 2nd shift, so our food came very quickly.

            New-Brunswick oysters with a jelly of maple syrup, sea water and lime juice.
            Loved this expertly shucked oysters by John (who also works at Joe Beef). Jelly worked well and not too sweet. Oyster we're perhaps not cold enough for my taste.

            Split pea soup with bacon and foie gras
            Good texture (not too mushy), a splash of olive oil and the foie gras makes it a comfortable treat.

            Maki with pork cretons, gravad lax salmon, endives in a tempura batter
            Excellent, warm cretons tasted like a creamy risotto. Came with refreshing soy, rice vinegar en maply syrup dip sauce.

            Smoked sturgeon fumé, buckwheat pancakes, sour cream, pickled onions herb salad (tarragon and ...)
            One of the stars, great flavours, fresh. Could've had a couple of more of these.

            Romaine lettuce, oreilles de crisse, cheddar, ham, walnuts
            Loved the crispy oreilles de crisse in this, too much dressing.

            Omelette with lobster and potatoes
            Very fluffy, good lobster flavour in the omelette, perhaps the lobster slightly overcooked, but very nice with an extra splash of maple syrup.

            Tourtière meat pie with home-made ketchup (more like corn relish)
            This was not part of the menu but had to be ordered extra ($20 I believe). Nice puff pastry (could there be lard in here instead of butter), we thought it had some game meat and/or duck but were told it was 100% pork. Both minced pork and nice and chunky pieces. Not enough ketchup though.

            Suckling pig shoulder cooked for 11 hours, parsnips and carrots with maple syrup panais et carottes à l'érable.
            This dish was perhaps most dissappointing. A bit dry, no specific marinade or spices coming through, came with a piece of pig skin that was unfortunately not crispy. Veggies (the only veggies really, not counting the drenched lettuce) were perfectly cooked and not cloyingly sweet). This was cooked outside in a big BBQ/smoker (felt sorry for the guy standing in the pouring rain that Saturday).

            Cornish hen, gnocchi and pan-seared foie gras cubes in a sweet beer sauce.
            Perfectly succulent head and feet-on chickies. Could have done without the gnocchi and the foie-gras though.

            Beans with pork and tomatoes and cottage cheese
            Great beans in a tangy tomatoe-sauce. A splash of olive oil and the cottage cheese brought it to life. Served in a can.

            Tarte tatin with vanilla ice cream
            Absolutely loved this. A classic done right.

            Frozen nougat, chocolate ganache chocolat and maple sugar cotton candy
            Another great dessert. Good balance, and the cotton candy is a nice touch.

            Maple Syrup Taffy
            Dissappointed to say that the most traditional sugar shack thing was way off. The taffy had been sitting too long and it was impossible to scoop up. Should have been done at the table and not in the kitchen.

            Pancakes fried in duck fat
            Some found this too fat, I found them fluffy on the inside with the right amount of crisp on the outside.

            I was very happy with this meal. Yes it was a lot of food, but felt if we didn't order the tourtiere we would have polished everything off. Also of note the presenation of some of the dishes (in colourful Creusets). There was a relaxed vibe in the cabane and plenty of time to walk around, take some pictures, say hi to Martin Picard. Service was attentive and courteous. Our waitress took the time and went into the kitchen to write down the menu.

            We also brought our own tupperware and ziploc bags. A doggy bag was provided for the tourtiere. We even managed to get the bombe glacee home (in a ziploc bag, then in a doggy bag packed with snow).

            Have to say that although I was not a fan of the pork, the leftovers were great on a bun as pulled pork with some BBQ sauce and sauerkraut.

            I really enjoyed this and don't think I will ever go back to a regular sugar shack. Also I didn't find the food overly fatty either. Yes, it was a lot of food, but I was expecting a lot worse. My first experience with APDC wasn't entirely positive, but this makes me rethink and want to give the restaurant another shot.

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              estilker RE: waziboy Mar 9, 2011 11:29 AM

              Here are some pics:

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                picklebird RE: estilker Mar 13, 2011 01:03 PM

                Fantastic photos!

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          eatravel RE: saltnpepperwhat Mar 8, 2011 07:37 AM

          I got an email from them letting me know that they now have some openings for this upcoming weekend, if anyone is interested (e.g. Thursday 6pm or 8:30pm, Friday at 6 p.m., Saturday at 1:30pm or Sunday at 5pm or 8 p.m.)

          Call 450-258-1732 if you're interested!

          Vous pouvez nous contacter si cela vous intéressent...450-258-1732

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            saltnpepperwhat RE: eatravel Mar 8, 2011 12:51 PM

            I was able to go last weekend due to some cancellations too! I wondered why so many people backed out at the last minute....considering it was so difficult to get a reservation in the first place.

            Anyway, I did some intense googling on the menu just to get myself mentally psyched for THE so-famous-ultra-sugarshack-experience.

            *SPOILERS ALERT*

            I have to say that this year, they seem to have toned it down A LOT (no more chicken feet, cow tongue, not even fish omelet), perhaps a bit too much. Even the signature omnipresence of foie gras of Pied de Cochon seem to have vanished (which I, a non-foie gras eater, was happy about.)

            Here's what I had *spoilers alert* and sorry for my franglish:

            Soupe au pois avec foie gras et lardons - it was yummy (probably cuz we were starving by the time we had our soup, could barely taste any foie gras)
            Salade avec oreille de crisse, jambon et fromage - tasted great, the fried pork rind not as fresh and crispy as i would have hoped, but the salad was very nice.
            Huitres - not a fan of oysters
            Estragon fumé à l'érable avec crepe - nice, not sure how it was supposed to be eaten with the crepe and sour cream... like a taco?
            Omelette au homard et pomme de terre - over cooked lobsters, predictable taste, potatoes tasted funny
            Sushi au creton et homard avec sauce soya à l'érable - YUM, wished it was served as soon as it was deep fried, might have been sitting on the counter a bit long so not as crunchy as it could be.

            There was also the possibility of adding a tourtière for 20$ to the meal, but the waiter warned us that there'd be too much food so we didn't do it, though some of us ordered it to go.

            Main course:
            Épaule de cochon - we were 8 adults, and was only able to have about one spoonful of meat each. The skin was too tough but i dont think it was meant to be eaten.
            poulet de cornouailles avec gnocchi rôti - Again, each person had a quarter of the tiny chicken, and perhaps max 2 gnocchi each.

            After the two dish, we were hoping there'd be more, but the waiter took our plates, and we realized that that was it. We were still hungry? What happened to "there will be A LOT of food so you wouldn't need the tourtière?". I wished we ordered the tourtière.

            Crepes frites au gras de canard - very very greasy but yummy.
            Tire à l'érable - wouldn't hold on my stick! it broke apart. had to be eaten with a spoon... when you'll have it, you'll know what i mean.
            Nougat glacé avec barbe à papa à l'érable - Amazing presentation, but it was the least popular dish, nobody wanted seconds. Perhaps it was too cold in the dining room, and nobody wanted ice cream.
            Tarte tatin au pomme - it was nice, very sweet. But I wanted the mille-feuille à l'érable instead! Not apples! Where is my maple sirup overdose?!

            I would say the food was good, not as mind blowing as I was hoping for. I was expecting that my palate would be surprised by new maple infused dishes, but no. no surprises, the only one that border surprise might be the sushi with soya sauce with maple sirup. Perhaps this is why so many cancellations?

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              Maximilien RE: saltnpepperwhat Mar 8, 2011 04:19 PM

              "Perhaps this is why so many cancellations?"

              remember, there was crappy weather last week-end!!!

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                cherylmtl RE: saltnpepperwhat Mar 8, 2011 04:58 PM

                I'm guessing one of the reasons for cancellations is that people signed up 3 months ago (or more), and perhaps had already made other plans by the time their reservations finally came through (it's still spring break for many schools, for instance). You have to give a credit card deposit, don't you? So people may hold on to reservations and only get around to cancelling at the last minute. Or you plan to go with a group, and not everyone can make it. Again, I'm just guessing, but it probably accounts for a decent percentage of cancellations.

                1. re: cherylmtl
                  OliverB RE: cherylmtl Mar 11, 2011 07:19 AM

                  You just need to provide a credit card on file, not an actual deposit.

                  Can anyone confirm whether the menu is constant throughout the season or alters (slightly) week by week? Are there daily changes or adjustments or is it pretty much fixed through the season?

                  I'm really excited about finally trying it tonight!

            2. o
              OliverB RE: saltnpepperwhat Mar 9, 2011 02:56 PM

              woohoo, I finally got in after two years on the list!!

              Friday at 6pm, can't wait! :)

              1. m
                Maximilien RE: saltnpepperwhat Mar 14, 2011 04:07 AM

                small write in from MC Lortie @ La Presse (in Français)

                In short, better food-wise than last year (more quality vs. quantity)

                And if you want in, thursday night and sunday night should have openings.


                1. k
                  kimberleyblue RE: saltnpepperwhat Mar 15, 2011 08:34 AM

                  Here are some more photos. We went this past Sunday...I wasn't as impressed as I was last year, but it was still, of course, delicious!

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