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Mar 2, 2011 07:38 AM

any recs near rockley beach

Am staying at Accra resort soon, any recommendations within walking distance of Rockley Beach?

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  1. Just Grillin across the street....casual in shopping center...great flying fish. Also down the block for a nice dinner...Champers. Across the way is Berts which is a casual sports bar but very nice with open air dining.

    1. just back from rockley yesterday. accra looks like a beautiful resort. lots of eats within walking distance. just grillin was a terrific place. we ate a dinner and lunch there. outside, very low key. grilled fish with either cole slaw, grilled veg, caeser salad or roasted potatoes which were great. a short walk up the road was naru. pan asian with sharing portions. very good and a beautiful place too. we also tried to get a roti at ackee tree but they were out of food by 5pm. so we had a roti at the small mall across and up the road from accra. not bad at all. i think it was called roti place. we also ate at opa one night which we walke to on the boardwalk between accra resort and the beach. decent food, good mezes. but close to you and i love eating under the stars. you will find the high end places are not inexpensive so be prepared. and just take a cab to places like oistens on friday nite. enjoy. i hate to be back.