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Mar 2, 2011 07:32 AM

Current Hell night Recs?

Im heading to Hell Night at ECG tonight for probably my fourth hell night visit. Ive tried many of the dishes in the past except from the pasta from hell and Im guessing I wont have the balls to try it tonight :) Im wondering whether anyone who has already been this week has recs for dishes they loved, that are full of flavor, on all levels of "bombs". Im really only looking for feedback to the current menu if anyone has any opinions!

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  1. I went last night. They're using Trinidad Scorpion peppers instead of Ghost Chiles in the Pasta this time out, and claim it's even hotter (1.3M Scoville). I finished the old Pasta from Hell once, about 3 years ago, and don't feel the need to ever do that again.

    Our table shared an order of the Phuket style wings which were fantastic. Very spicy and a nice tangy sauce. I'd had their jerk wings before but not these. I also got a couple of the crispy ribs which as always were phenomenal. The Ssam was also very tasty but didn't have *any* heat to it at all. And I know I tend to like spicy stuff but I haven't blown out my taste buds to that level yet.

    A friend got the Pork Two Ways and said everything on the plate was delicious (I tried a bite of the sausage and agree) .


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      Those phuket wings are usually pretty awesome, they're my favorite of all their various WADs. The last hell night they had them and they weren't as good, but I usually love 'em.

    2. I went last night and was actually suprised at how mild everything seemed. I mean, it was all spicy, but not SPICY. I actually had to ask for a side of Inner Beauty with my entree (Jamacian Pork 2 ways) because they had barely put any on there.

      That being said, everything had a really good flavor and it was a very enjoyable, if not mind blowing, meal. We got the wings (rated 7 bombs, I would have given them a 4), oysters, ribs (these were actually as hot as the wings thanks to a heavy hand with the IB), meatballs, duck (didn't try this), and the pork 2 ways. The sausage with the pork was my favorite part of the meal, a great flavor and the most burn of anything else. And the curried (I think) pineapple that came with the pork dish was incredible. And addictive, I can't stop thinking about it today!

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        Each hell night varies, but the overall trend IMO is that things (with the exception of the pasta) have been getting milder over the last several years. I believe that it's no coincidence that the popularity has also been increasing.

        As much hooplah as there is about people not being able to score a HN table now, they should just keep amping up the heat until the hangers on start dropping off but I suspect they like all the hangers on.

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          This was the first Hell Night I'd been to in 3 years, and I wasn't sure if it was my memory or my tastebuds that were off, but I remembered it being much spicier the last time I went! Good to see I'm not crazy.

          I thought the flavor of the wings was excellent, but the spice level was nothing compared to their old jerk style wings, which I loved dearly.

          1. re: emmie

            There just weren't as many options with more than 3 or 4 bombs, and even those that had more weren't as spicy, I agree.

            FYI - recipe for Jerk Wings From Hell: I usually make it with 2 or 3 habaneros since I can't always find scotch bonnets.

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              See I thought the phuket wings were generally hotter than the jerk wings, but the wings seem to be the most variable in my experience.

              This is the second hell night rotation that i've missed (as I don't have resos this time) for I think at least 5 years now. I don't think it's just a matter of my tolerances increasing as the pool of people I know who are able to eat there is also always increasing.

              1. re: jgg13

                Well I cant wait to have those delicious wings and a couple (or 10!) of their delicious ribs. We usually stick with a bunch of apps but that sausage sounds great, we may have to order it.

        2. I haven't done a Hell Night, but maybe they could do a secret code for the original patrons. Kinda like going to a Thai restaurant and ordering 'Thai Hot' maybe 'vintage hot'

          1. Thanks for all your feedback guys!
            So a group of us went last night and we got that great chili smoke hit as soon as we walked in the door, we grabbed seats at the bar, some drinks and started with the meatball roulette. They were actually pretty tasty and the one that "lost" was not it too much pain, the deviled egg last time was much spicier. We started with the Wings which were so delicious, quite spicy but full of flavor, the ghost chile jam and ginger on top was a favorite of mine. We also had spicy fries and a plate of ribs, the funny thing is that when the ribs came the inner beauty hot actually tasted really sweet and I could taste the mango and pineapple in ways I never had before, must have damaged(enlightened?) my tastebuds with the wings! A friend had the pork ssam and the #1tuna, both he said were ok, nothing exciting. Went to toscaninis afterwards for some salted caramel icecream and any remaining burn was gone. It was a really fun invigorating evening, cant wait till next time!

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            1. re: jessabella617

              Why would you go to tosci when christinas is both right next door and better?

                  1. re: jgg13

                    I prefer Christina's, too, but there's no shame in salted caramel ice cream from Toscanini's.

                    1. re: Blumie

                      It was more the fact that one was 5 feet away and another much further away :)

                      1. re: jgg13

                        The walk was actually much needed at that point so it all worked out great

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                We go as a party of six or seven and order most appetisers. This time we found Thai Style “Peel & Eat” Gulf White Shrimp. with Prik Pow, Mango Chiles & Aji Lemon Chile Jelly was incredibly hot as well as of course the wings. We did the pasta a while ago and don't really feel we have to repeat.
                But we were totally surprised by the shrimp heat.