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Mar 2, 2011 07:17 AM

Mexican groceries in Ottawa or Kingston

I've got a number of awesome recipes for Mexican dishes that I'd like to try, but all of them call for peppers not available in grocery stores in rural Ontario (e.g. poblanos, anchos, pasilla, mulatos, etc.).

Our two nearest cities of any size are Kingston and Ottawa. Can anyone recommend a Mexican/Latin American grocery store that regularly stocks these and other Mexican fresh and frozen food items?

George in Prescott

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  1. Hi George:

    There are lots in Ottawa. I generally go to "Little Latin America" on Somerset in Chinatown. I am not sure the number.

    There was one in vanier on Montreal road by the bingo hall! I am not sure if it is still there but was pretty good.

    There is a el salvadorian place (carling and merivale) resto/store you will find nearly anything that you would need for mexican cooking. The name escapes me but is about 200 meters down merivale heading south from carling on the west side in a little strip mall. If you r coming into town for ingredients, stop here for lunch.

    Let me knw if you hve any more specific questions. Hope i can help.


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      Thanks Jeremiah. You've given me some great leads.