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Best Restaurants Walking distance of Marriott Beachplace Towers (and baby friendly)

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Hello, going to Ft Lauderdale with 16month old baby and husband. anybody can recommend any great restaurants within walking distance of Marriott Beachplace Towers (anywhere within 15/20 min)? we are very much open to price and cuisine! Thank you

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  1. "great restaurants" - define. What are you looking for, cuisine, price etc.?

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      american, italian, mexican, seafood. i would cap the price at 60/80 per person max... Thank you

    2. I don't think there are any "great" restaurants near the beach...For decent food and a great view, you can sit outdoors at Trina (Atlantic Hotel). For good "Floribbean" food, you can try Coconuts on the intra-coastal, just south of Las Olas Blvd....also outdoor dining, kid and pet friendly.

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        You can take a good walk to Las Olas (or take the Sun Trolley). If you do a search you'll find lots of places on Las Olas that will be fine with a baby. Greek Express at the beach is good, but very casual - better for a lunch. Otherwise, there's really nothing to recommend at the beach unless you are going high end at 3030 Ocean or 954 Steak.

        Las Olas Cafe
        922 E Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

        3030 Ocean
        Harbor Beach Resort Marriott, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316