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Mar 2, 2011 05:50 AM

Cafe Belong at The Brickworks

Read about this in that VISA Infinite brochure that arrived with this morning's Globe. I searched The Brickworks site but there's nothing much, a placeholder page saying "opening Spring 2011" and a news release dated April 2010 stating the cafe was slated to open last Fall.

Does anyone know anything? Any idea when it's opening...if it's not already.

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  1. This is Brad Long's new project. I'm trying to remember where I read about it. It's already up and running as a catering operation for the Brickworks. Let me see if I can find the article I read.

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      Cheers TorontoJo...I read about his catering operation too, but I get the impression that there's going to be a cafe...Great excuse to go to The Brickworks - as if I need one :)

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        Yep, definitely a real cafe! And NFA below found the article I read -- it was in the Toronto Star.

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          Actually, there is a job posting on Toronto's Craigslist, dated Feb 26 advertising for all positions for Cafe Belong. Interviews in March, opening scheduled for April. If anyone out there is interested.

    2. Website here:
      Toronto Star:

      Sara Kuntz
      Catering Director
      Belong Catering at Evergreen Brickworks
      416 527 6557

      1. I can't wait for this place to open - last I checked, it was meant to be April or so. The plan is for it to open 7 days a week, from early morning (7:30 or 8) through dinner. A place to grab weekend brunch, a cool spot for an early morning business meeting, etc. I'm a big fan of Brad (his cooking and he's a really nice guy) and a ridiculously big fan of The Brickworks - everything they are doing is so inspired, so welcoming, so family oriented, so interesting and so delicious.

        For those that haven't been, you should check out the indoor space they've renovated. There's a fun winter market on Saturday mornings (not as big as the outdoor summer market but still has a great vibe and lots of great chow) + crafts and face painting for the kids. The skating rink is so charming, the perfect place for a family skate, especially if you have young tots. You can rent skates there, adults and children + helmets, for $5 a person or pay what you can.

        For me, The Brickworks is one of Toronto's greatest treasures and it just keeps getting better.

        1. When we took the kids there skating over the Christmas break there was a small table set up (inside the visitor welcome building) with 2 or 3 different sweets and stew, soup and hot chocolate. Brad was manning the table himself. Merchants of Green Coffee were also there selling coffee. Not sure if they are there every week-end or if this was just for the holidays.
          We tried 2 coffee cakes, one apple and one pear and the soup, I think sqaush something. Everything was really tasty and simple (in a good way).
          There was a sign in the window of an adjacent building advertising that this would be there new location. It looked like a nice spot, tons of windows and presumably a lot of outdoor seating.
          I'm looking forward to them opening too!

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            We've been there on a couple of Sundays for skating and there was also someone there (Brad's partner - another Brad) selling soup and hot chocolate and pie in the second building. So I'm guessing they try and have some food there for the skating rink hours, which is great. I understood the restaurant was going in a different space - between the skating rink and the parking lot.

          2. The original comment has been removed