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Mar 2, 2011 05:41 AM

Looking for local MILK to use for cheese making?

Anyone know where i can find some that has not been Pasteurized too long ?

Would prefer as fresh and local as i can get.

Please let me know if you have had any success with certain brands of milk.


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  1. Ronnybrook Farm sells their milk at the greenmarkets, and they will absolutely be able to answer any questions you have about it. You can also find a few brands of locally produced milk at Whole Foods, one of which (the name escapes me) is also sold by Saxelby in the Essex Street Market.

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      Also, ronnybrook sells a "creamline" milk that isn't homogenized, which I believe may be beneficial in making cheese.

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        I would also recommend Ronnybrook. If you can't catch them at the greenmarket, they have a store in Chelsea Market.

      2. i've never had their milk, but milk thistle farms is at the columbia university greenmarket on sundays (and elsewhere: ) and sells milk. They have awesome creamy tart yogurt.

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          I've bought their buttermilk which is excellent. Hawthorne valley at Union Square on Wed. and Sat. also sells fabulous buttermilk, but I'm not sure if their have regular milk. If they do, that would be my preference.

        2. Thank You

          dio you know if i can find any of these in williamsburg?

          mayube i should post in that borough.!

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            Union Market on Union Street carries a good selection of local milk.
            Marlowe & Daughters and Stinky Bklyn carry a small selection local smaller farm brands.

            Really any of the markets showcasing local goods usually have some limited dairy selection. If you want obscure or interesting local farms, you should start with the farm and find out who carries them. Brooklyn has delivery from raw milk drop off services, and an endless list of very erratic little markets carrying all types of handmade, or small farmed items.

            Another option in Manhattan would be Northern Spy Co.

            Milk Thistle would be my suggestion for a rich, creamy dairy that's available now at Whole Foods, and some farmer markets, give or take the day.I wish their distribution was as good as their product.

            Hudson Valley Milk has become easier to find, but it's not as rich as it once was. I see that brand pop up in cafes, and the like, that only use local organic products.

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              Milk Thistle is my all time favorite milk, and if I were making cheese this is what I would use. This is where you can find: