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Mar 2, 2011 04:01 AM

Where to buy rabbit in Metrowest?

Now that I've been laid off, I have resolved to use the time productively and do the things I've always wanted to do but never had the time to do before, like cook more. One dish I would like to make right now is rabbit stew. There are a few hunters in my family, but no rabbits yet, so looks like I'll have to buy them. Anywhere sell them fresh or will I have to buy frozen? If so, where?

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  1. Seabra in Framingham most likely has it as they usually do in Somerville, you could also call Arcos Market in Milford (bit unlikely but they might steer you to another portuguese grocer in the area with it) and the Ashland Market Basket (call and ask to speak with a butcher).

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      MB in Ashland often has fresh. Also, there used to be a sign on rt 117 in Sudbury where an lod timer used to sell his own rabbits. Give him a half hour to prepare it.

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        I remember that sign! Not sure if its still there, I'll have to check.

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        I checked out Pete and Jen's Backyard Birds but the rabbit is $10/pound, which is a bit high for my budget, so I am now checking out the other suggestions. Thanks to all!

      3. Pete and Jen's Backyard Birds in Concord raise rabbits as well as chickens. I bought a frozen one from their self-service shop next to Verrill Farm stables on Wheeler Rd. They are planning to be at the Wayland Winter Farmers' Market in March, and I think they'll have rabbits for sale. BTW, it was wonderful braised in mustard, as lapin a la moutarde. A great meal on its own with a salad one night, then I shredded the leftover meat and thinned the remaining sauce and served it over handmade noodles. Rabbit has a lovely flavor, not unlike a cross between chicken and pork.

        Verrill Farm
        11 Wheeler Rd, Concord, MA, MA 01742

        Backyard Birds
        159 Wheeler Rd, Concord, MA 01742

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          When you say the self service Verrill Farm shop, you don't mean the actual retail store? There is another shop next to the stables? I know where the stables are, but I've never seen a shop there. Is it inside a barn?

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            No, they mean the self-service Pete & Jen's Backyard Birds shop, NEXT TO the Verrill Farms stables. I haven't been, but I believe it is indeed inside a barn. Here's their website:

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              It's a small door at the very far right-hand end of the stables building. There's a chicken on the door, I think. It's a self-serve honor shop, much like the one at Codman and Natick Community Farms. In the fall they had their own organic greens and herbs, lots of frozen lard, bacon, offal, other pork cuts etc.

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                Hit up Pete & Jen's for some porky goodness this weekend (jowl bacon, YUM!) and noticed they currently have fresh rabbits in the fridge. Don't know how long till they freeze them, though.

            2. I've seen rabbit for sale at Coolidge Variety and Deli in East Watertown. I'm not sure whether they ALWAYS have it, and I don't remember whether it was fresh or frozen. They're worth a quick phone call in any case. Good luck!

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                When they have them, they are frozen, trizydlux. But, I walked by last night, and the sign on the door says they're closed for a few days.

                I know I've seen them at the Hong Kong/Super 88 Market in Allston

                Coolidge Variety & Deli
                4 Bigelow Ave, Watertown, MA 02472

              2. Whole Foods in Wellesley sometimes has fresh rabbit. Call to inquire.

                1. I recently bought a fresh rabbit at the Roche Bros. in Burlington, and it was very good; not sure if their other outlets carry them, or even if it is a regular or occasional item for Burlington.