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Mar 2, 2011 01:10 AM

Suggestions for South Bank drinks - adults with toddler? [London]

Looking for recommendations for this Saturday - going to try to meet up with four adult friends for drinks/nibbles at around 4pm. Two will be coming from Kingston into Waterloo, and we MAY have tried to confront the crowds at Borough, so something in that area would be great.

We'll have our 2-year-old with us - so somewhere with seating other than at a counter or at high tables is a must.

In looking at old posts, The Refinery and Viva Verdi jumped out at me. Seating at the Refinery looks nice, but am not sure kids are allowed. Also can't tell if Viva Verdi is all high-table seating.

Any insights or other recommendations gratefully taken. Thanks!

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  1. Sorry to say that Viva Verdi has closed. It's replaced by a Spanish tapas place that I've yet to try.

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      Thanks, limster - I was actually about to call them because Top Table said they're closed, but Viva's web site is still up and running. Ho hum.

    2. the bar at the bfi has nice low comfy seats and your toddler will be fine to run around. similarly there will be spaces in the rfh. tate modern will probably be packed.

      the swan at the globe?

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        I just google-imaged the benugo bar/lounge at BFI and it looks fantastic, and the Swan looks quite nice as well. Thanks for the tips! Wisest to book, do you think?

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          And if anyone knows - is one allowed in the UK to bring a toddler into those Dens of Iniquity known as bar/lounges? Or would we, at the Swan, be shoved upstairs to the Brasserie?