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Mar 2, 2011 12:37 AM

Suggestions for food/caterer for BDay party at Oakland zoo


I'm planning my son's 1 year party to be held indoors at the zoo, we are renting one of their facilities. We have quite a bit of family so it is turning out to be like a mini wedding! I don't want the expense of a full on caterer but also don't want to attempt to prepare food fo the 50 or so adults and 20ish kids that attend. Any suggestions on food I can pick up and bring ? I already plan to do veggie/fruit trays from Costco but wanted to include something else simple but substantial... Not just appetizers. I'm Italian so always love some good Italian options but I only know of local restaurants and think they may be pricey. I can always get some help to throw together some salad for folks as well. I live in Hayward so east bay suggestions are appreciated.


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  1. Costco Pizza! I go to the zoo often and usually see people bringin in armloads of pizza for their parties.

    Maybe get some trays from Bucca Di Beppo in Palo Alto, or look up neighborhood mom and pops for Spaghetti catering. Porky's in San Leandro has pizza, fried chicken and pastas.

    1. Genova Delicatessan in Oakland.

      Genova Delicatessen & Ravioli
      5095 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

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        +1 on Genova, they do platters, and I bet they're great, they have great stuff in general.

      2. El Pollo Loco does some good and inexpensive catering options.

        1. Do you have a local taqueria (even one from latin super market) you like? I've bought chicken fajitas, rice, etc. from a place near me for my daughter's birthday, team dinner, etc. It's so easy & not too expensive (fajitas were $9/lb). I know Baja Fresh has party packs but taqueria may be cheaper.

          1. Maybe check out Summer Kitchen in Berkeley? They do a lot of prepared foods and do catering projects. They don't have servers, so it's like you said, you order and pick up the food all boxed up. (Or maybe you can ask if they'll deliver to the Oakland Zoo.) The food is great and creative, with italian slant (such as meatball sandwiches and pizza), but it might be pricey. But for a kid's party, they also do baked goods and can make birthday cupcakes.