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Mar 1, 2011 09:07 PM

Wat Thai Temple food stalls open again?

I am planning on being in North Hollywood this weekend and remembered the Wat Thai food stalls. I remember reading that the food stalls were no longer there, but just checked on yelp and saw a few people mention that they had eaten there.

Anyone know if the Thai food stalls are back are back or not?

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  1. Weekends, in the basement of the main temple USED to be - before outside stalls. Maybe the weekend basement thing has re-surfaced. Check it out and let us know!
    I'm sure it's not anything like the outside stall mecca. In fact, no cooking under the Temple was the way it was before - like 15 years ago. (I've been visiting this Temple for 20 + years).
    Go anyway. It's beautiful. You can go inside the Temple anytime the doors are open. Just make sure you take off your shoes prior. Bring an offering to the monks-carton of eggs, crate of mangos, veges. (You can shop at Bangluck Market -12980 Sherman Way).
    Sometimes when I go, the monks are inside at prayer. It's really calming to sit and listen for awhile.

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    1. re: Kitchen Queen

      Did the stalls disappear because of health/sanitation problems?

      1. re: mucho gordo

        No, It was neighbors complaining of the crowd that would flock. I think they have fairs on the festival days but not every weekend.

        1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

          I can understand that. The temple is a 5 minute walk from my house and the side streets are packed so that residents can't even park in front of their own homes.

          1. re: mucho gordo


            I think it was also a health/sanitation related issue because I remember some years back when there were problems of such as told to me by vendors.
            Also, at the temple, for religious rules, NO money can be exchanged, must be tokens only. That may also have presented as a problem because the market got so big. Maybe many issues and NOT just the parking.

            1. re: Kitchen Queen

              Interesting, KQ. I wasn't aware of the 'no money' rule. I figured it was like any other church in that respect. How did one acquire the tokens? To me, the obvious problems were sanitation and parking.

              1. re: mucho gordo

                When there's a market, there's a small booth that sells tokens. You take your money to the booth and exchange for yellow, red or blue tokens. The colors represent denominations - 50C , 1.00 and 2.00$ - I think is how it went. If there's a basement market, usually there's a person selling the tokens at the entrance; bottom of stairs.

    2. Thanks for the information so far.

      So no real confirmation on whether or not they are fully up and running on a regular basis? I went a few years back and really enjoyed it.

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      1. re: TNT Adventures

        I may take a drive over there this weekend and check things out. If nothing else, the Thai New Year is just around the corner - Songkran Festival!!!