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Mar 1, 2011 08:47 PM

Where can I find the best BBQ pulled pork sammy in Seattle?

hi all, i'm wondering where i can find the best pulled pork sammy?

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  1. I really like Pig Iron. Their sides are great too, and I like the atmosphere alot.

    Pig Iron Bar-B-Q
    5602 1st Ave, Seattle, WA

    1. I like Gabriel's Fire. I prefer to eat the smoked pork shoulder in chunks. But they also serve it pulled on a bun. He makes several different sauces
      The ribs are the best. photo:

      Gabriels Fire
      2408 NW 80th St, Seattle, WA 98117

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        1. I like Pecos Pit best. Second place goes to Pig Iron.

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          1. re: not the bad Steve

            I like Pecos, but if some one went there for Pulled Pork, they'd probably be disappointed.
            Their sandwich is more a BBQ Pork mix (doused with BBQ sauce) than what most people think of as a pulled pork sandwich.

            1. re: GreenYoshi

              GY, I always picture the "lunch room lady" with yellow rubber gloves serving Sloppy Joe's when I think if Pecos. A Sloppy Joe is a Sloppy Joe, not a pulled pork sandwich. (And they don't serve BBQ.)

              1. re: Leper

                Uh, they do. Just don't order the chopped pork or beef sandwich.
                Get the sliced beef brisket. (sauce on the side if you wanna be big deal BBQ snob about it)
                On a good day, it's as good as some of the middle of the road stuff from Texas, which is pretty impressive for Seattle.

          2. The Aloha sliders from Marination Mobile are excellent. The pork is tender and smoky, slightly spicy, the buns are lightly griddled on the inside and they are topped with a light finely grated slaw of cabbage, carrots and a hint of cilantro. $2 apiece.
            I find them in West Seattle on Saturdays, but they move around. Worth a try. Note that these are not tomatoey-sweet BBQ sauce pork a result, the smoked pork flavor really comes through.