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Mar 1, 2011 07:27 PM

LCBO Already Discontinued Maudite and now La Fin Du Monde is getting harder to find!!

Sob Sob! Sneez can I get a hanky around here! LCBO in their wisdom already discontinued Maudite and no I am having trouble finding La Fin Du Monde!! What is the world is going on whom do I contact or write to have this thing given a second thought am I the only one who is gonna miss these amazing beers!

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  1. Go to Unibroue's website. They have a "Find Our Beers" page, maybe that will help you locate some. Otherwise, there are a lot of excellent options out there.

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    1. re: Whisper

      Well they list the bar/pubs that serve their brew and I prefer to drink my beer at home.
      Can you recommend something on the line of Maudite/la fin du monde. I have tried Chimay and I find La Fin Du Monde better suited for my taste but I would luv to hear recommendations from someone who is in the same predicament due to the Monopolies in Ontario.

      1. re: elvisahmed

        Unfortunately there aren't too many options in Ontario for Belgian style beers. Duvel and Chimay (red & white) are both available year round. Aside from those, check out the seasonal releases because sometimes we get some Belgian ones. When they come in, hoard them like you are in a Soviet bread line (since that is the system we live in). For example, from previous releases I have bottles of St. Bernardus ABT 12 and Orval left.

        Right now Gouden Carolus Hopsinjoor just got to stores last week as part of the spring 2011 release. Looks like limited quantities of Dieu Du Ciel's Derniere Volonte and Rigor Mortis are left as those came in during the fall.

        1. re: kwjd

          Thanks for the headsup kwjd. I have tried Dieu Du Ciel in Montreal so will keep an eye out if a LCBO nearby carries it. What about Delirium Tremens or Gulden Draak? Beer Stores sells a keg for delirium and that is out of the question since I am only one person. Does LCBO ever bring em in? some pubs here have Delirium in TO but they charge an arm and a leg. I also luv Rar Vos and other Ommegang Belgian style beers were they ever brought here? Its a pity I don't have car anymore so can't make a quick getaway to NY for pick up.

          1. re: elvisahmed

            Delirium Tremens hasn't been in the LCBO for a while, but it had been several years ago I believe. There are no Ommegang products available here either (not aware of them ever being here).

            Gulden Draak comes only as part of a 6 bottle mixed brewery pack in the winter. I believe these may be all sold out by now. It is a pretty nice pack if you look out for it next year: Augustijn Blond, Bornem Dubbel, Bornem Tripel, Bruegel Amber Ale, Piraat and Gulden Draak.

            Yes, living in Ontario and loving beer tends to mean frequent trips to Buffalo (or whatever closest US city to you). My parents live in St Catharines, so when I visit them, a side trip to Buffalo isn't too far out of the way.

            Best way to keep track of beer at the LCBO is through
            A local beer geek made the site to make the LCBO inventory easier to monitor. You can see the seasonals and get email notifications whenever they come to your local stores.

            1. re: elvisahmed

              I just moved to Saint-Jerome where the Dieu du Ciel
              brewery is located, Wow amazing beer. I am very lucky

      2. Since Sapporo-owned Sleeman's (parent company of Unibroue) is a co-owner of The Beer Store aren't those beers also carried by that chain in Ontario?

        They're listed at the website -

        1. Buying mine @thebeerstore. So not all is lost!

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          1. re: macoop

            Thanks for the info but the catch is the beer store close me doesn't carry those so I have to make a trip to get these. I dunno what is up with LCBO and good beers (i.e. they hardly bring any good one's and get rid of the good one's)

            1. re: elvisahmed

              Unfortunate. But, as long as Ontario continues with its backwards liquor distribution and retailing, I'm afraid you'll have to eat it.

              A suggestion, though: have the Beer Store close to you order it in. While I'm not an Ontarian, my experience with the liquor monopolies is that they will fulfill reasonable special orders. You may have to by the case (of 12 750 mLs), though. Shouldn't be a problem, right? Perhaps you could also convince the manager to start carrying it.

              1. re: Leibowitz

                With the LCBO dropping it I am sure that the brewer will grow their presence in The Beer Store! Great product....makes me crave it just posting about it!

                1. re: Leibowitz

                  Hi there as per your suggestion I did go to the closest Beer Store but no dice the sales rep refused to take any order and said my best bet is going to the beer store and picking it up where they sell it. Not a promising solution but I guess it will have to do. I did pick up 2 six pack each of maudite and la fin du monde :) from the sheppard/bayview location unfortunately the sales rep said they don't carry the 750 ml (which used to give me the perfect buzz) Anyway I guess I will have to make it a part of shopping trip via zipcar.

                  1. re: elvisahmed

                    Sorry to hear that: the manager's behaviour seems ridiculous. I suppose that's what you get when the store is majority owned by MillerCoors and InBev.

            2. Just seen this thread, earlier tonight I posted about LFDM. CHOW's lousy search engine didn't show me this thread.

              Anyways, LFDM is hands down my favorite beer, and yes it is getting harder to find. It is a shame the LCBO nixes all of the real quality products, especially a Canadian one.

              What I have done is ordered to my local LCBO. However, they took 5 weeks to get my order in, and only got me 6 instead of the case of 12 I asked for. Good thing it was just for at home, and I wasn't planning on bringing it to a party or anything.

              I would suggest if your local LCBO doesn't carry it, then order it through them. It will hopefully show the LCBO that there is demand for these beers.

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              1. re: LawnGnome

                If the Ontario liquor industry is structured like I think it is, I don't think the LCBO had a choice here. As Unibroue is owned by Sleemans (Sapporo), I'd say it was their decision to start selling through the Beer Store, not the LCBO. Not that I'm defending that backwards monopoly.

                1. re: Leibowitz

                  I also am a big fan of LFDM and great brews. I have STOPPD buying at the LCBO. Why you ask...because they don't take care of beer. I have recently had many a beer that was skunky or bad. So il ooked into it. They don't refrigerate many of their beers. The ones in clear bottles have a tendancy to go bad, They are not in a darker spot nor kept cool. I am done with them. I only buy beer at The Beer Store. They know how to take care of the product. And as far as a monopoly...those jerks at the LCBO control pricing and distribution....not The Beer Store! I hate what they are doing with MY tax money!

                  1. re: macoop

                    Good point actually.

                    There is a local microbrew (Old Credit Brewing) that sells an unpasteurized beer. Great beer, but normally when I buy it through the LCBO, it has noticeably gone sour.

                    I've tried bringing it to the attention of the staff that it must be constantly refrigerated, even says so on the instructions, but they reassure me they keep it cold. However I constantly find it out on the unrefrigerated shelves, as well as the coolers. I do know they also dont cool it before it is stocked on the shelves, as they dont have a fridge in the back.

                    I plan on phoning the brewer to inform them, as their great product is being tarnished by the LCBO's improper handling of their beer.

                    1. re: macoop

                      "And as far as a monopoly...those jerks at the LCBO control pricing and distribution....not The Beer Store! "

                      Yes, that's what I said. But, the Beer Store is a minor monopoly on its own. It is 98%owned by Labatts/Molson (that is to say InBev and Miller/Coors), with a 2% stake owned by Sapporo. They control the distribution of all beer in the province outside of the LCBO and do lobby to keep that right. You can't buy beer at a grocery store, for instance.

                      1. re: Leibowitz

                        Even if I could buy beer at the grocery store the jerks at the LCBO would still control pricing....and the listing fees would be otrageous making harder for crafts to get in. I come from the food biz and the demands by Metro and Loblaws and Sobeys is criminal. I like the Beer Store for my beer. They take great care of it, have the easiest barrier to entry , allow any brewer in...unlike the LCBO! These are the facts. And lastly if you think Pepsi, Coke and Red Bull will just let beer in their are very naive!

                        1. re: macoop

                          Uh, ever been to the States?

                          In California, for instance, every grocery store carries alcohol. Corner stores carry it. Besides, I merely mentioned grocery stores as an example of a natural distribution channel unavailable to producers and consumers. Hell, even in Quebec, you can buy wine at the corner store.

                          While the LCBO does control pricing, don't think they make those decisions without input from the various agencies and companies like InBev, MillerCoors, and Sapporo. Or Diageo, for that matter. Controlling the means of distribution and retailing for most of the beer in the province (with the LCBO controlling the rest of it) does constitute, at the very least, a duopoly. And a government mandated one, at that.

                          1. re: Leibowitz

                            I is a duopoly. However I have many friends in the brewers...both big and small and they ALL say the same...LCBO has too much control. They have a closed entry policy while the Beer Store allows ALL brewers in. I am just tired of seeing my tax dollar funding this. Massive stores with crazy overhead for the LCBO...massive marketing and advertising...and we are paying for it. At least the Beer Store is privately funded. No need for other channels of distribution. We won't get more variety or a price break. I just want the LCBO to become accountable and environmentally least The Beer Store cares about the environment. I have said enough. I will buy my Beer where it is taken care of and that is that.

                      2. re: macoop

                        So I stopped by the local LCBO tonight. I inquired about my order for a case of LFDM. I was told I was out of luck, it has been discontinued. I talked with him for a while about LCBO policies, and he informed me that if a store cant move 500 units of a SKU, it will be dropped.

                        While discussing it with my SO, I came to the conclusion the LCBO puts far too much emphasis on Ontario products, while for the most part, neglecting other Canadian brands. I've found Ontario products to be largely lacking in the quality/cost ratio, and believe we should support all Canadian products fairly.

                        One of the recommendations I received from the staff at the LCBO when asking about LFDM, was for a Muskoka Weiss beer, for 7.95 per 750ml bottle. Not even in the same category. Either way though not nearly as well regarded as unibroue products, and almost twice the price.

                        Agh, Now I'm reminded how they only carry plymouth gin for a limited time.

                    1. re: jgg13

                      FYI. I picked up 2x6 of LFDM yesterday at the Beer Store...and now I am enjoying them....immensely!

                      1. re: macoop

                        More power to you. I was so sad once I moved up from San Francisco to TO with the state of beer availability here after being introduced to the pleasures of Ommegang, Ommegang and Rare Vos. I was thankfully turned to LFDM and Maudite by a fellow beer luver. That has kept me going for the last 8 tough years :)
                        I had a long chat with the LCBO on Cooper street and they said almost all of the Unibrue 750 ml are being taken off the shelf sob sob.
                        I guess the saving grace for Canada is that Unibrue is much cheaper than US here (I guess one of the few benefits of being here :) Unfortunately the Beer store nearest to me doesn't carry the amazing stuff from Unibrue so I have to order it. BTW I also tried Delirium Tremens at some of the food establishments near where I live and it rocks!

                        1. re: macoop

                          Folks I went to the Beer Store again and after a long discussion with the Manger he said they don;t do orders anymore. Something to do with the beer company paying by the store to have their beer there. As much as I hate the LCBO you could at least order stuff at any stores there. Now I havta tread a bit it get my beer fix and the ideal sized 750 ml LFDM (1 bottle gives the perfect buzz) are nowhere to be found. Ah well I guess I can always have 3 330 ml beers :D