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Mar 1, 2011 06:07 PM

Any Restaurants in BC Taking Special Care of People with Allergies??

I have a very close suffering from severe allergies to soy, nuts & shellfish.

I recently took her to Bishop's because at a previous visit there with a friend with a gluten allergy, they were extremely accommodating. When an amuse bouche was delivered and the waitress was questioned about the ingredients, she immediately recognized it was because of a gluten allergy and went back to the kitchen to deliver a new amuse bouche.

Likewise, they prepared special corn bread for her so I wouldn't be the only one able to enjoy bread at the table.

Are there are other restaurants in BC like this?
Any restaurants that operate in a completely nut-free environment?

Any insights is greatly appreciated.

Bishop's Restaurant
2183 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6K 1N7, CA

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  1. I personally have a severe allergy to dairy products and have found that many of the "fine dining" establishments in Vancouver cater well to allergies - hotel restaurants in particular are usually good options (Yew at the Four Seasons, Oru at the Fairmont Hotel). I've also been impressed at West (similar experience with the amuse bouche, etc) and Chambar.

    For a more casual option, The Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company is nut free and very accommodating for allergies.

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      And for even more casual option, Greens & Gourmet on W. Broadway at Trafalgar. It's a self-serve buffet priced by weight:

    2. I am allergic to fish and eggs and have found that most fine dining restaurants are very accommodating to people with food allergies, especially if you call ahead of time.

      I don't know exactly what you mean by "special care", but a lot of the chains in BC have food allergy books you can ask to see. I have found White Spot to have a comprehensive food allergy book. Earls also has one. I think the #1 chain restaurant that deals with food allergies is Old Spaghetti Factory. They know soooooo much. They understand cross contamination, which foods may contain traces of something else...the works! They even have a special menu for people with gluten allergies!

      I guess the only danger of these establishments is that staff may not be as trained to deal with food allergies, so it's a risk...but really, it's a risk anytime you eat out. I hope your friend always carries an epipen!

      Spaghetti Factory Restaurant
      210 55th Ave E, Vancouver, BC V5X1M9, CA

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        Thanks for the tip on Earl's. I eat there all the time... now I'll just have to drag her there.

        She carries two epipens with her at all times!!

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