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Mar 1, 2011 06:04 PM

Roi Du Wonton

I had lunch there today with a colleague.
I wasn't impressed with the wonton soup as I thought the broth was flavorless. The wonton were okay. Had the spicy peanut wonton dish and the salted shrimps.

Overall the experience was okay. The highlight was the noodles bowl served with the shrimps since they were out of rice. I saw that they do their own noodles and wondere what kind of oil the chef mixes them with. They were tasty.

The lady serving us was very nice and kept on coming filling our tea pot. And she kept on saying thank you thank you in chinese (sounded like see-yeah see-yeah said fast). She was a sweetheart and left her a good tip.

Maybe someone can guide us on what to eat there next time. Otherwise I won't go back.
Would rather have the wonton soup at dynastie de chine on clarck. They mix it with shrimps and the broth is amazing.

Roi Du Wonton (Le)
2125 Rue Saint-Marc, Montreal, QC H3H2P1, CA

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    1. The husband and I ate there early-ish on Saturday night (a little after 6). First time for both of us, seems fairly liked around these parts (which is why I chose it; also it was convenient to explore C'town 2 on the way back from my Outremont appointment and his NDG appointment). We really dug it. The nice little old lady doted on us with continual pots of tea. There was a table behind us that appeared to be a first date Internet meet-up style that quickly descended into a conversation about LARP. (Hey, it was just us, that table and a very quiet girl eating solo!)

      We split an order of wonton soup, fried dumplings; both of which my husband declared he could just eat everyday. For our mains, I had the noodles with smoked tofu (and where has that been all my life??) and he had General Tso's tofu (which surprised me because he's such a meat eater). Both dishes were quite excellent again, though I could have totally used some hot sauce for my noodles. Along with the plate of cute l'il cookies, we ate like kings for less than $40. We'd definitely go back.

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        Thanks a lot for the report. I'd been wanting to go for a while but wasn't sure what non-meat options they had - this is encouraging and sounds delicious!

        1. re: kpzoo

          I try to eat mostly vegan/vegetarian these days (but refuse to limit myself if there's something I *really* want to try) so it was nice to know there were some tasty veggie options! Seriously, though, smoked tofu? I have got to find some for home cooking use!

          1. re: Peaches to Poutine

            I think they have it at Marché Hawaii!

      2. I went yesterday actually. Ive been a couple times before. Ive had the twice cooked pork with noodles, and yesterday had the fried dumplings with their dry noodle dish with mixed vegetables and pork. The twice cooked pork dish is pretty good, has black bean sauce or something which is tasty just make sure you get it at your spice preference because it can be pretty spicy. Also dont understand why you would cook meat twice, unless its just called that.? The pork was overcooked slightly for my taste. The fried dumplings are pretty good as well. The dry noodle dish on the other hand in my opinion was completely ruined by them adding cinnamon in there. I hate cinnamon is savory dishes so thats just my opinion. I enjoy the fact that everything is homemade there though. Wondering what else to try there.