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Mar 1, 2011 05:23 PM

Beautiful NAKED Goat Cheese recos...

I just purchased a beautiful, homemade, organic goat cheese with basil and I was wondering if any cheese aficionado's had any IDEAL suggestions as the BEST way(s) to eat/enjoy this precious beauty I just acquired... Thanks. p.s. Okay, the cheese isn't "naked" but just wanted to get some attention to my post. Is that wrong? ;)

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  1. slice a baguette.

    Slice the cheese.

    Eat the cheese on the bread or follow a bite of cheese with a bite of bread.

    That's all.

    You could even eat it naked. O.o

    1. Enjoy it with someone special. Such goodness can only be enhanced in that way. Flavors that would compliment make me think tomato. rich a taste. a mere bite before, to let a little flavor linger.
      darn, I'm jealous.

      1. I do think you want to enjoy it unfettered as much as possible, but don't think there would be anything wrong with giving it a panko crust and quickly pan-frying, then placing on some gently dressed greens (and tomatoes, if you can find decent ones).