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Mar 1, 2011 05:15 PM

two weeks, with limitations: hiroshima-osaka-nagoya-tokyo

hello, am trying to see what to suggest for my love who is touring japan with his band for next two weeks. the main thing is that it's difficult to get out of downtown areas (where their hotel/concert hall is) because of the time restriction...

first leg: hiroshima, stay at crown plaza hotel, 3 nights
ive been told the things to try are: okonomiyaki and fugu. any suggestion?

then: osaka, stay at hanshin osaka: suppose takoyaki may fit the bill as well? may be also some hakozushi? i think may be some kisune udon may be in order... but... any place particular?
and it's only a night over... boo...

then: nagoya, stay at tokyu hotel, 3 nights
miso katsu and hitsumabushi eels may be??

tokyo: 6 nights, tokyo dome hotel,
they do concerts in tokyo, yokohama, kawasaki, kofu and niigata
they will be returning to the same hotel every night,
would there be any english speaking izakaya around the hotel?
niigata- i would love to have him try wappa han and sasadango.

really open to suggestions,
thanks in advance. i wish i could be there. boo.

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  1. I highly recommend En, a modern izakaya located next to the Tokyo Dome Hotel.

    1. A general rule with izakaya pubs is if you see a lot of business men there then it's probably a good place. I hope he smokes as they are always filled with heavy smokers and drinkers (of course).

      Tokyo Dome is a great location and while there are a lot of options on the actual property, he'll be rewarded by looking for places to eat outside the Dome area.

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      1. re: Sushi Otaku

        In my experience, big crowds of businessmen and clouds of cigarette smoke often correlate with mediocre food and drink and cheap prices. Good modern izakaya that take pride in their premium ingredients and original recipes are more likely to attract a varied crowd - groups of friends, couples, and mixed-gender after-work parties, and they're more likely to have a non-smoking section too.

        Also, do you have any specific recommendations away from Tokyo Dome, or do you just assume that anything there is mediocre and anything far away must be better? En izakaya (the place I recommended next to Tokyo Dome Hotel) is one of my favorite places in town - they have excellent sosaku-ryori and a very nice sake list, and I've often traveled across town to eat there.

      2. You really should plug those city names into the search bar above and set the date parameter to last 5 years. We've covered those places all before, complete with regional overviews of specialties and even itineraries.....Agree with Robb on the "follow the salaryman" fallacy.