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Mar 1, 2011 03:50 PM

Edmonds, Wa questions

it's been a few months since i've been to downtown Edmonds.

Bill the Butcher is still "coming soon"
---does anyone know why it's taking such a long time?

Olives Cafe windows were covered up.
---are they closed? is the Indian restaurant that is in the old Skipper's building?

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  1. Olives closed on Feb. 26th and will re-open on March 3rd as "Il Buffone." Chef Michael Young will be featuring wood-fired pizza and hand-cut pasta.

    No word on Bill the Butcher's delays. I know he's also opening another new store in Ballard.

    Haven't tried the new Indian place yet, but please report back if you do!

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    1. re: GourmetLight

      i just saw this, and i have to whine: i really, miss Olives. i wish Olives was still open in Edmonds,

    2. Bill is no longer part of B the Butcher - I think since last fall. There may be some delays in the expansion. Kind of a interesting (?) story. Stops short of the troubles with Bill.