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Mar 1, 2011 03:45 PM

recipe needed. Jing Gao 镜糕

My favorite single dish, from traveling in 108 countries, was Jing Gao (镜糕 ), a street food dessert I found only in the Muslim Quarter in the Old Town of Xi'an, China. Sweet rice, but not too sweet. A few toppings added. Totally addictive. But no one I know has even heard of this dish, let along have a recipe I can make at home.

I already know that my home-made version will not match the original, since you need specialized wood molds (which are stuffed with ingredients and then steamed). But if I can come even anything close, I'd be a happy camper.

Thanks in advance. (And if you do have a link for me and other readers, I do not read Chinese, so a recipe in English would be greatly appreciated, if it's available). :-)


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  1. Forgot to post a few photos, if that helps

    1. If you want something completely authentic, you can purchase the entire setup (equipment, ingredients, DVD instructions) at for 880 yuan. (+ shipping) and set up your own jing gao snack stand. Try entering the web address through Google Translator for a quasi-English version.

      Here's a recipe for something that looks fairly similar that you can make at home: