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Mar 1, 2011 03:05 PM

Hong Kong recommendations?


So I am heading to Hong Kong for the first time for two weeks and want to know if any of you can recommend any good restaurants (or hole in the walls) that I must try! Also if you know of any good dessert places that would be awesome.

As well since this is my first time going to Hong Kong is there anything I must do ie go to Macau, DisneyLand etc.

Any information would be appreciated!

Thank you!

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  1. Books have been written to answer the type of question you ask. HK is one of the top culinary destinations in the world. It's like asking is there any good restaurants in NYC or Paris one must try. One of the first question I will ask you is where will you be staying? While it's pretty easy to get around HK a location would be good to know.

    As to must do things, Macau is good for a day trip or over night, Disneyland is a no (depending on where you are from).

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    1. re: PeterL

      Thanks for the reply!

      We will be staying in the Kowloon area and I was just looking for any places that I MUST try while I am here in Hong Kong. And the family is from Canada with ages of 21+

      1. re: quangq

        Why can't you do some research first and come back to the board with a list of places, which can then be critiqued? Do you expect someone else to do all the work for you? Unbelievable.

    2. Hi Quangq,

      This is actually my 1st post ever on Chowhound, I don't even use this board, but just came upon this post randomly during some research from someone's blog : ) Where are you heading over from? And when do you arrive?

      There are so many must try's in HK, so yes in a way its difficult to pin point them exactly. But as a general rule, I personally recommend the more affordable places which are budgeted at less than USD10-15 a meal. Here are some quick suggestions:

      1) Tim Ho Wan - world's cheapest Michelin 1 Star restaurant. Need to queue for around 30 minutes. I mean, dim sims in HK are the must tries.

      2) Mak's Wonton Noodles in Central - kind of hole in the wall, can't go wrong there!

      3) Dessert wise - there are many Chinese dessert soup places around. For me, one of the must eats is Tofu Fa, a sweetish warm or cold tofu in a bowl. Available at many places. If you don't mind traveling to the suburbs, especially the ones selling computer/Apple stuff areas, we can recommend you some places of course!

      4) Claypot Rice - there's 2-3 places that are good.

      5) Congees, with Chinese Cruller/Doughnuts and Rice Cheung Fan can be nice for breakfast and supper!

      6) Egg Tarts are a HK specialty, very different from other countrie's one as its more molten and eggy, and quite flaky in the pastry. So that's a good dessert choice for you!

      7) Are you going to budget for any fine dining places just once or twice? Won't necessarily break the bank, just depends where you go and what's your maximum budget.

      Anyway hope you enjoy the stay here!!
      If you need any more references please write here, or I have some photos on my blog but not sure if I could post it on here? Just search for my name 'HK Epicurus' on google and the top few results are what I post on, the 5th return is my personal blog! Cheers.

      1. Dear quangq,

        Hong Kong has thousands of restaurants. It's hard to know where to start...

        I've culled a list of places recommended on this board and would be happy to send to you if you email me privately (take a look at my profile).

        Also, here's a recent thread that might be useful:

        Have a wonderful visit!