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Mar 1, 2011 02:36 PM

BBQ hounds! Need Catering Recommendations for a Texas BBQ Wedding in Long Island

We are getting married this September and would like to do a lawn party and backyard bbq wedding at a friend's home in East Hampton. Fiance is a Texas style BBQ fanatic and is super picky about the quality and preparation of the meat--especially the brisket--to the point where he is seriously considering flying a couple of friends to Snow's in Lexington, TX the day before the wedding and bringing back several coolers-full of meat!!!

While I admire his determination to have great BBQ at our wedding, I think this may be a *tad* impractical. So can any hounds help me out with recommendations for the best Texas style BBQ catering in the area? We are planning on 125-150 people with a casual, but elegant buffet style set up on the lawn.

I have already spoken to Hill Country BBQ in NYC and they are already booked for our date. I am waiting to hear back from Townline BBQ in Sagaponack--we went there the other weekend and fiance thought their food was good enough to pass muster so any reviews on them would be helpful.

Are there any others I should look into? Or am I going to have to move this shindig to Texas???

Thanks so much!

Townline BBQ
3593 Montauk Hwy, Sagaponack, NY 11962

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  1. Daisy May's out of city or maybe Hog Pit also out of city. You can call Warren at Big W's out of Patterson I think and see if he'll do it. Any of the guys that do it in Weschester & Fairfield will charge a pretty hefty travel fee to do LI though so be careful (great american bbq, royal grilling comp, gersky's). You may be better off flying the crew in from Texas

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      1. Agree about contacting a local team through BBQ Brethren. Or consider BBQ champion Willie B, conveniently located in Suffolk County:

        You also might want to consider Turtle Crossing, a good BBQ restaurant in East Hampton.

        Turtle Crossing
        221 Pantigo Rd, East Hampton, NY 11937

        Willie B's
        413 Eagle Ave, West Hempstead, NY 11552

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        1. re: EZ Pass

          Love the idea of having a competitive BBQ team to cater my wedding! I will definitely check out the BBQ forum and see what comes up.

          I wonder if most of these teams will handle side dishes/fixings too, since I'd rather not have to juggle multiple caterers if possible!

          1. re: vnx1t

            They will definitely handle sides as well as the main dishes. There will be a number of competition teams that also do catering at WilliePallooza, a NY State Championship being held in April. Come down and talk to some of the teams.
            It's being held in Brentwood, right off the Southern State.

            If you come on Sunday, teams will be done with their last turn-ins by about 1:45 and would be happy to talk. You might even snag a sample.

            If you know BBQ and are interested in judging, fill out an application. There are still some slots available.

            BTW, the event is named for Willie B who is mentioned above. He does catering out of a Lang 84 and is very experienced.


            Willie B's
            413 Eagle Ave, West Hempstead, NY 11552

            1. re: motoeric

              That is a great idea--we are putting williepallooza on our calendar right now!

              For the price of some of these bigger establishments I've been looking at, I wonder if it would be possible to hire TWO small competition teams (preferably friendly rivals) and stage a mini-BBQ battle at our wedding. I would LOVE that and so would fiance. Seems like it would be a fun and unique thing to do for a wedding and might also give some rival teams a chance to practice against each other (if they don't think my idea is too lame)? The "judges" (our guests) won't all necessarily be bbq experts, but we will provide plenty of beer for the teams if that helps...

              1. re: vnx1t

                If I didn't live out here in Buffalo I would totally volunteer for that...I think some of the teams close to you would get a kick out of it.

                Neil Gallagher
                Pitmaster - Too Sauced To Pork BBQ

        2. Maple Tree BBQ located in Rivehead is excellent!!

          1. I'm not a BBQ expert in any way, but I am suddenly wishing I were your friend. What a fantastically fun and delicious wedding it sounds like! You have to post here when your plans are set!