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Mar 1, 2011 02:08 PM

Birthday dinner downtown Toronto

I'm turning 25 in a week and a half and I need fellow hounds help. I'm only living in Toronto for 4 months and there are so many potential places, I can't decide where to celebrate!

-downtown area (not too strict as I am willing to travel for something good but generally front to St. clair and dufferin to DVP). We might try Snakes and Lattes after so if its near Bloor and Bathurst all the better.
-price range maybe under $30. We'll likely only be getting mains, not so much several courses.
-I have one friend who is a bit picky so maybe keep that in mind but it is my day...
-I don't eat meat so at least one veggie option. As long as it's delicious, I'm good with it
-an added bonus would be food that isn't too terrible for me but this is not a deal breaker.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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  1. there's a thread that came up today (or yesterday) regarding the movie theatre in the same area with a vege friend that might be quite helpful to you

    can you offer more details about this picky friend? ie is it the cuisines she tends to have issues with or does she only like bland food, etc etc. are you an ovo-lacto veg?

    a note about snakes and lattes, the place gets pretty packed really quickly. make a reservation or be prepared to wait a long time for a table. nothing is particularly interesting to snack on there but i do like the hot chocolate because it is a cube of decent chocolate on a stick that you swirl into hot foamed milk.

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      Thanks for the tip about that other thread. If anyone else is looking for it you can find it here

      About my picky friend, she isn't very adventurous. No ethnic foods and nothing too fancy. She says she'll go wherever though so I don't know..

      I'm a pretty laid back vegetarian. I don't eat meat but I eat fish, I don't drink dairy but I eat yogurt. It's for environmental and health reasons so I still eat the stuff I can't give up yet!