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Mar 1, 2011 01:32 PM

Mid-week, late dinner

I am going to the theater on Capital Hill tomorrow night and need a recomendation for a good food, homey place with a kitchen that serves if one arrives about 10 PM.

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  1. Where is the theater (Woolly Mammoth, Lansburg and Harman Center in Penn Quarter and the recs will be different from the Folger)

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    1. re: nytdct

      The play is at the Folger and lets out about 9:30 pm.

      1. re: rcooperman

        There are a number of palces on Barracks Row nearby though not sure which are open that late (Matchbox Capitol Hill website says to call them re when they close)

        You are also near Union Station but not sure what that way (other than something like Dubliner) is open that late

    2. Art and Soul serves dinner at 10pm (and according to OpenTable it's a 1000 point reservation!).

      Also check with Matchbox. I've eaten there late before (maybe around 9:30/10pm) but it might have been a weekend.

      Zest apparently closes at 10pm, but maybe call to see if that is when the kitchen closes or they close their doors completely.

      Art and Soul
      415 New Jersey Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20001

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      1. re: Elyssa

        Thanks all, I have called several places that say they have a kitchen open until 10 pm. None would take a reservation for four 'around 10 pm or so. Looks like it's gonna be bar food, sigh.