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Mar 1, 2011 01:07 PM

Looking for (non-American) Supermarkets to Check out

I have been to Tian Tian, H Mart, Subzhi Mandi, and a few other Chinese, Indian and Vietnamese markets around the Metroplex, and I am hoping you all can share your favorite non-U.S. markets for me to check out.

A Mediterranean or Middle Eastern market with bulk lentils and grains would be a plus.

I am also curious if there are maybe smaller or more specialty Mexican markets, other than Fiesta, Michoacana, Rancho, etc.

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  1. Zituna Middle Eastern market on Coit at Arapaho (if they're still open) is (or was) very good.
    Indo-Pak (Indian & Middle Eastern) in back of First Chinese BBQ on Polk just East of Greeneville Avenue.
    99 Ranch Market (Asian) is excellent. In Plano at Spring Creek and 75. Arguably, the best Asian market in the Dallas area.
    And do try, World Food Warehouse for excellent (and inexpensive) Middle Eastern foods at 13434 Floyd Circle

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    1. Want to make sure you've gone to the Subzi Mandi in Irving vs. Richardson. The richardson one is TERRIBLE, while the one is Irving is on the opposite end, when it comes to Indian grocery stores. Everything is organized and labeled, and when you get your receipt, it has each item listed, vs Item 1 $2.99.

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        These are all helpful replies, thanks.

        @pgwiz1, are there other Indian markets you would recommend? I am particularly interested in buying vegetables, herbs, greens, etc.

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          Other than the stores I and others have mentioned, you might want to ask at your favorite Indian restaurant if they could refer you to others.

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            for veggies I'd recommend an east asian market (super H etc) over an indian grocer. Go to the indian store for spices, nuts, saffron, lentils, etc.

        2. Ranch 99 at Spring Valley and 75 Central is by far the cleanest and exotic. Even has a bbq section and a restaurant.

          Spring Valley Cafe
          4100 Spring Valley Rd Ste 102, Dallas, TX 75244

          1. I heartily second Twin's recommendation of World Food Warehouse. Best fresh pita that I've encountered.

            1. Can anyone recommend a decent Italian deli or grocery market in North Dallas?

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                Jimmy's might honestly be a closer drive to you, but there's one in Flower Mound that was formerly called Mike's, now called Alongi's: