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Mar 1, 2011 12:49 PM

Baja in July


Daughter & boyfriend will be in Cabo for a friend's wedding in early July. They'll extend their trip in and around La Paz and Todos Santos. They love to eat but don't have a large budget. Any recs for restaurants in those locations that are open in July, have good food and are more Mexican than Californian priced. Thanks!

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  1. Link to earlier postings

    Also look up Mariana in Baja for other options

    1. Early July can be okay here in TS - the heat doesn't usually kick in here until the end of July -- but - BIG BUT - both Cabo and La Paz are hot hot hot in July. Do a search on this page and you will see my Todos Santos recs. Feel free to ask if you have specific questions. Most places are still open in July.

      1. Check this board for Trappers List - great recommendations/reviews/pricing for places in Cabo.

        Two of my favorites - Tacos Gardenia - great food, great prices, good location, easy to find. Gordo Lele's - highest recommended place on Trip Advisor - great food, awesome prices, entertainment - not to be missed!!