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Mar 1, 2011 12:19 PM

Restaurant Week options in Putnam & Dutchess County

I'm new to the area and looking for contemporary American restaurant in the Putnam/Duchess area. What're the must try places for dinner? We're looking for contemporary American but open to other great options too. Thank you!!!

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  1. Artist's Palate is wonderful. I would highly recommend their zucchini fries, lobster mac 'n' cheese, and penne pomodoro (with shrimp). Aroma Osteria is also excellent. Their roast chicken special is amazing. I also had an excellent experience at Craft. Great service and memorable food. Il Barilotto and La Puerta Azul are also very good, but I wouldn't say they're must-try places. Sapore Steakhouse has a great seafood appetizer special with jumbo lump crabmeat cocktail and oysters, but I didn't think their entrees were worth the cost. Enjoy!

    Aroma Osteria
    114 Old Post Rd, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590

    The Artist's Palate
    307 Main St, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

    7 E Main St, Westfield, NY 14787

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        LOL! I can't believe I said Craft...Freudian slip. Colicchio's Craft is amazing, but I meant to say Crave. Thanks for catching that, Mr. Bill.

    1. I am going to try Hudson River Inn in Cold Spring, also Ramiro's in Mahopac's menu looks good, Havent heard anything about them though, the building looks nice

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        I agree that Ramiro's looks interesting. However, I think of myself as a "value shopper" when it comes to HVRW. I try to eat at top places that would cost much more if I ate there normally. I don't think that Ramiro's will be that much more expensive if you go the rest of the year. On the other hand, someplace like Valley has $25+ entrees and you will definitely do well eating there during HVRW. I don't know anything about Hudson River Inn (their menu does look good), but if you check their website they have a price fixed menu for $33 normally, so you're only saving $5 eating there this week. Better to go somewhere that doesn't offer that on a regular basis.

        My 2c, take it or leave it.

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          Just ate at Ramiro's this week and it was one of the best meals I've ever had in this area.
          We were a large group and sampled much of what was on the menu. Everything was delicious.

      2. In Putnam: Valley, Tavern and Bird & Bottle, all in Garrison, have nice menus. I personally don't think that any of the places in Cold Spring compare.

        In Dutchess: Crave's menu looks great (we will be there Saturday night). I had a reservation for Artists Palate and was not impressed with their menu so I cancelled (they do not have their menu posted, they emailed it to me). Agree that Aroma Osteria looks good. Red Devon is an interesting place that we ate at last year and their menu looks good as well.

        If you want to venture across the river, Back Yard Bistro in Montgomery (past Newburgh) always gets raves and they have a huge menu of interesting stuff.

        For contemporary American, Valley and Crave would definitely fit the bill.

        Aroma Osteria
        114 Old Post Rd, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590

        Back Yard Bistro
        1118 State Route 17K, Montgomery, NY 12549

        Red Devon Restaurant
        108 Hunns Lake Rd, Stanfordville, NY 12581

        1. Did you check out the website? I wouldn't go anywhere that didn't post the menu btw, I made that mistake last year and ended up paying $$ for regular menu items!
          I agree with everyone who suggested Aroma. Their menu looks really great, and for the price you can spend more on wine! The pork shoulder sounds amazing.
          I was just at crave, and the apps and entrees were very good, but the riesling poached pear dessert the star of the meal!

          1. So where did you eat? I ate at Crave and Valley in Dutchess and Putnam and both had really excellent food.