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Mar 1, 2011 12:09 PM

what to do with mini sweet peppers

I was in Costco this weekend and saw a bag of these. They were multi-colored. They were so cute, I almost bought a bag. But I try not to buy things if I have nothing in mind for them cause then they're liable to get wasted. Any of you wonderful hounds have any ideas on what to do with these?

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  1. Stuff em! The last time I bought those peppers I made this:
    The blogger used those adorable mini squash but I stuck with the original pepper recipe. Delicious!

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      I agree. I stuff mine with a goat cheese mixture. They make a great hors d'oeuvre ( I hate spelling that!).

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        I have to thank you for reviving this thread! I made those stuffed mini peppers so long ago I forgot all about it. And we really enjoyed this recipe. So easy to riff!

    2. I've been buying these a lot recently. They are wonderful for stuffing and making a little tapa. I use them in salads and really they are the best just held by the stem and crunched into and eaten raw. Very sweet with a nice pepper flavor.

      1. I bought a bag a while back, and I used them as part of a ratatouille.

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          Yeah, I figured you could use em in any recipe like that, but once they're cut up you wouldn't know that they're mini

        2. LOVE these mini sweet peppers and have been for several years that Costco has had them and they are great raw, dipped in Hummus, stuffed with goat cheese and then baked in the toaster with EVO, garlic and sea salt, half them and stuffed them with cream cheese/ fresh herbs...
          Myriad of ways and they are healthy snacks and my dog, Kona is addicted to them too!

          1. Wow, thanks for the responses, I just got the costco membership for Christmas and this was the first time I've noticed them. Definitely picking them up next trip, now that I have some ideas