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Mar 1, 2011 12:03 PM

Eat on Monday Food Truck

I just tried out the relatively new (2 weeks old) "Eat on Monday" food truck while it was parked outside of Yahoo's Sunnyvale campus. Last week they were serving unusual hot dogs and sandwiches according to their website ( This week, it appears to be Chinese steamed bun sandwiches. Think Peking duck buns, but larger. I tried all four of the meat options (and passed on the seitan). I had:
1) Chinois duck a l'orange: tea smoked duck (yum!) with a spicy orange sauce (not particularly spicy at that). I really liked the duck, but then again, I'm a sucker for tasty duck preparations.
2) Simple belly: 5 spice pork belly with Peking duck accompaniments. A nice swap for the traditional duck and not too fatty either.
3) Spicy pepper pork: reminded me a Chinese stir fry but served in a bun. Came with tofu, veggies, and a bit of jalapenos. Can be had without the pork so there's another vegetarian option beyond the seitan.
4) Buns de mongol: Mongolian beef in a bun. Really not spicy though. I probably should have doctored it with the hot sauce they offer since I'm used to Mongolian beef with the dried pepper pods. The beef was dark and had a nice beefy flavor to it.

I also had an order of 3 potstickers ($2) which were all right, but I'd recommend sticking with the sandwiches which are the highlights. The bun sandwiches were $8 for 2 which seemed a little steep, but I'm getting used to such prices after having eaten at the Moxsie Street Eats event a few times. Speaking of which, Eat on Monday will be at Moxsie on the 11th. The fact that I may be out of town that was the impetus for me to try Eat on Monday today.

For those of you who prefer a sit-down atmosphere, they also offer food at Cafe Yulong on Mondays. Apparently, Cafe Yulong is closed that day, but they are able to use the facility to offer their wares then and they've been doing so for about a year. Not being a Cafe Yulong fan, I never noticed but it is an interesting option to the usual food truck venues.

I sure wish I had taken some photos of what I had to eat, but I forgot. I plead that it was lunchtime and I was hungry. Next time, I'll have to remember Melanie's fine examples and at least whip out my iPhone!

Cafe Yulong
743 W Dana St, Mountain View, CA 94041

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    1. Good reporting, Peter, thank you. Coincidentally, I thought of you on Monday when I spotted the Tikka Bytes truck before lunch as it was headed northbound on 101 just past the Hwy 17 interchange. I guess you were on your way to Eat on Monday then!

      Here's a link to the earlier discussion on the Monday lunches served at Cafe Yulong.

      Eat on Monday truck
      Mountain View, Mountain View, CA

      1. I tried Eat on Monday again at today's Edgewood Eats event. This time they were serving "Asian Tacos". Offerings were braised beef shank, shredded pork belly, fried chicken, calamari, and shrimp. While I really enjoyed all 3 tacos, I liked the beef so much that I had to go back for another couple more. The tacos were served with small lime wedges and cucumber florets (cooked). Cilantro and onion added to the flavor of the beef taco which was also described as having an au jus sauce. Really outstanding. The pork belly(with a spicy hoisin orange sauce) was a close second, while the chicken with its spicy glaze (almost reminded me of an Asian buffalo wings preparation) ran third. To finish things off, I tried out the "fried milk" dessert. This was a custard that was battered and deep fried. An order was 3 cubes topped with Scharffen Berger dark chocolate.

        While I was there, the pork belly and calamari sold out. My neighbor was just a little slow in ordering the calamari and missed out, but at least he was able to duplicate my initial order. Eat on Monday seemed to be doing pretty good business and unlike many of the trucks they were well-organized and used plastic number cards to connect diners with their orders when the orders were ready. I probably had to wait 5 minutes for each of my orders.

        Now, back to my regularly scheduled diet!

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        1. re: Peter Yee

          Eat on Monday's changes their menu every month, so I've had the opportunity to try their tacos several times this month; the florets on the side seems to change; the first time I was there, it was some cauliflower which had been lightly steamed.

          The calamari is deep fried and sprinkled with salt and pepper and served with shredded cabbage, and some spicy cream. It's very good, and I can I see why this sold out last night.

          I think the pork belly is my favorite of their asian tacos, and I was very impressed with their shrimp tacos as well -- the shrimp were very succulent and juicy.

          I ordered the asparagus and crab rangoons (when they were on the menu earlier this month) the wontons were deep fried to perfection, and the cream/crab/asparagus inside was good, but i did have to hunt for the asparagus.

          I've never had any of their seitan (vegetarian option) -- apparently they can make the tacos like the others, but not use meat.

          1. re: mhuang

            I finally tried the calamari taco during last Thursday's mini truck meet up in Mountain View (behind the old Weinerschnitzel location). I agree, I can see why it sells out too, although I still prefer their pork belly tacos or sandwiches.

            I also tracked them down in Sunnyvale on Wednesday and had an excellent blue cheese hamburger. I love blue cheese on my hamburgers but a lot of restaurants use timid blue cheeses or skimp on the cheese. Eat on Monday's was just right. Plenty of blue cheese flavor that balanced the beef patty nicely. My son, Andrew, had the pork belly sandwich and raved about it.

            I'm glad to see the south bay food truck scene nicely. Speaking of which, does anyone know what happened to Moxsie's Street Eats Friday truck events? Their Google calendar hasn't been updated in months. :-(

            14260 San Pablo Ave, San Pablo, CA 94806