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Mar 1, 2011 10:38 AM

Is it safe to eat graham crackers after expired?

Is it okay to eat graham crackers (still in an unopened package) two months after their expiration date?


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  1. Any cracker is SAFE to eat at any time, unless you spread rat poison on it or something like that. Honestly, the requirement to put expiration dates on everything is turning us into a nation of Nervous Nellies! Crackers, cookies, breads of any kind have no ingredients that turn toxic with age. The might get dry or stale or moldy, they might become unpleasant to eat, but they'll never kill you or even make you sick unless you're allergic to gluten or whatever.

    1. A more horrible death cannot be imagined. Terrorists employ stale graham crackers as a weapon of last resort; the Geneva Conventions apply.

      1. I think even fresh graham crackers taste stale and can't imagine what expired ones must be like. Use them in a key lime pie or cheesecake. But yes, they are definitely still safe. ;+)

        1. What Will said :-) But to expand on that, the dates on shelf stable packages are "best by" dates not "expiration" dates. They indicate the point at which the manufacturer thinks the quality of the product might begin to deteriorate and have nothing to do with food safety.