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Mar 1, 2011 10:38 AM

Finding Farro

We recently became enamored with farro served risotto-like (farritto?) and I would love to pick some up and give it a try (I cook risotto all the time). I have looked around at a few stores (Henry's, TJs, Whole Foods) and haven't been able to find it. Have any local Chows seen it around? Thanks!

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    1. I believe I saw it yesterday at tip top meats and the little produce market next door..

      1. Costco, believe it or not :)

        1. Krispy, I know I've picked it up at the Whole Foods in Hillcrest - made a shitake mushroom "risotto" stuffed in acorn squash with it just a few weeks ago... Well, if you find it elsewhere let me know. I might need to find a new source now.

          1. Thanks everyone...if I could get it at Costco that would be long as it isn't a 20lb bag haha.

            Ew- i went to the Hillcrest Whole Foods and didn't see it....I looked for pre-packaged and bulk Ferro, where did you find it?

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              At Costco, it's a 3lb bag--totally reasonable. "Organic Earthly Delights." As Dining Diva said, I know Mission Valley carries it. I haven't visited other locations recently :)

              1. re: MrKrispy

                Krispy - this was pre-packaged in a 2 or 3 pound bag. Facing the bulk it was on the shelf behind you that's the barriier shelf to the produce section. (By the rice/soy milks I seem to recall).

                You know, I think I've also seen it at North Park Produce. I'll check this weekend.

                Trader Joe's also carries a 3 grain blend of farro, spelt and something else IIRC. I remember trying it and thinking it would make an excellent risotto...