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Finding Farro

We recently became enamored with farro served risotto-like (farritto?) and I would love to pick some up and give it a try (I cook risotto all the time). I have looked around at a few stores (Henry's, TJs, Whole Foods) and haven't been able to find it. Have any local Chows seen it around? Thanks!

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    1. I believe I saw it yesterday at tip top meats and the little produce market next door..

      1. Costco, believe it or not :)

        1. Krispy, I know I've picked it up at the Whole Foods in Hillcrest - made a shitake mushroom "risotto" stuffed in acorn squash with it just a few weeks ago... Well, if you find it elsewhere let me know. I might need to find a new source now.

          1. Thanks everyone...if I could get it at Costco that would be great...as long as it isn't a 20lb bag haha.

            Ew- i went to the Hillcrest Whole Foods and didn't see it....I looked for pre-packaged and bulk Ferro, where did you find it?

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              At Costco, it's a 3lb bag--totally reasonable. "Organic Earthly Delights." As Dining Diva said, I know Mission Valley carries it. I haven't visited other locations recently :)

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                Krispy - this was pre-packaged in a 2 or 3 pound bag. Facing the bulk it was on the shelf behind you that's the barriier shelf to the produce section. (By the rice/soy milks I seem to recall).

                You know, I think I've also seen it at North Park Produce. I'll check this weekend.

                Trader Joe's also carries a 3 grain blend of farro, spelt and something else IIRC. I remember trying it and thinking it would make an excellent risotto...

              2. I have seen it at WH (LJ), Tip Top, World Market, Ralphs (LJ)

                1. Costco om Mission Valley definitely has it. Windmill Farms has impoted frpm Italy farro.

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                    typing on your phone Diva? :)

                    I have to go Costco this week so I will look there first.

                    Again, thanks everyone!

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                      Typing from my Galaxy Tab. . . from Campeche no less. Love farro and couldn't resist. Now I'm off for a coctale of some sort. Farro would go well with all the fresh fish here. Bueno provecho a todos.

                  2. Costco Morena has it. I think in the same aisle as rice. I'll check tonight when I'm there.

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                    1. Whole Foods in UTC has it. You have to go look for it in the packaged legumes and grains section, not in the bulk foods section. It's next to the black Beluga lentils, the DePuy lentils and other legumes and grains. It comes in 1 lb bags. I just got a bag a few weeks ago.