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Mar 1, 2011 10:27 AM

Where to Find Quality Hungarian Wines??

During a recent trip to Budapest ,my husband and I feel in love with Hungarian wines - particularly the roses and reds. We had some delicious bottles from the Villany region - from Gere and Bock. However, upon our return home to Chicago, we were unable to find any of the producers we sampled. Does anyone know where we can find quality Hungarian wines?

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  1. There are so many wines from all over Europe that never make it to North America. I live in Minnesota and have found some good Hungarian wines locally. I can't imaging Sam's or Binny's not having any. You might be able to find some from one or more of the following regions of Hungary: Badacsony, Nagy-Somlo, Szekszard, AND Villany. After all, Villany is where cabernet, merlot, and pinot noir are grown.

    And you will easily find Tokaji, but I don't think that's what you were asking about.

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      I haven't been successful with Binny's (and Binny's bought Sam's). Right, I am looking for non-Tokaji wines.

    2. I am sure someone will come along with a better idea or resource for you BUT-
      I have a Hungarian friend that told me I should try more than a few bottles (I didn't care much for what I had tried- too sweet for me) and he suggested that I look in one of the many Eastern European food stores in my area. Wow. They had alot of wine in there! I had been in there for cheese and sausage, but missed the alcohol section behind the counter. So, you might try looking around your city for Eastern European shops (grocery stores) first.

      I collect wine - so I was familiar with Tokaji but didn't really think too much about other Hungarian wine before. My local shop had alot of unique German wine too...bonus!

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      1. re: sedimental

        The Eastern European stores I've tried only stock the more everyday Bull's Blood and the like. I'm trying to find some higher end producers.

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          Well darn. I wonder if they would special order something you want? They must have a connection....

        1. Woodland Hills Wine, from whom I order over the Internet quite frequently, has Attila Gere wines. K& L, another good online seller, stocks that winery as well. and
          There also appears to be an online retailer called Blue Danube Wine, which specializes in Central European wines.