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Mar 1, 2011 10:01 AM

Has Anyone Tried Turtles Tacqueria in Putnam, CT?

Word on the street is that it's run by a couple Mexican peeps from San Diego. Sounds promising so far.

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  1. It's cheap and delicious. Worth the ride from Providence or Worcester.

    1. This was recently discussed on chowhound. Here's the link:

      I can't personally vouch for the place but my in laws live in Putnam (and are very much aware of my C'Houndish ways) and they've already informed me that this place is great.

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      1. re: masha bousha

        Thanks for the link.

        We're going on Saturday and I'll definitely report back.

      2. I headed down with a group of dedicated Mexican lovers the other night. We prefer authentic Mexican, but even well-made Tex-Mex works for us. There were hits and misses at the table.

        Lots of vegetarian options, including Soyrizo
        Hot carrots, which are my favorite things ever and virtually impossible to find in New England
        Perfect portion size (not too big or small)
        Excellent prices

        They were out of the aforementioned hot carrots
        Hard, crunchy rice
        The real sin is that everything was bland. Nothing had any flavor. How do you make bland guac? Bland tacos? There was no salt in anything. We were all munching along obligatorily, until my brother mentioned that his meal wasn't especially good, and everyone else was like, "Oh, I though I was the only one!".

        We were all kind of bummed. There's so little good Mexican around, especially since Baja Grille closed (damn, I miss that place!!). Maybe we set our hopes too high and hit an off night? We'll probably give it another whirl, and they'd better have those carrots!

        1. My wife and I think it is awful. The amount of meat (I call it mystery meat, because they cut it up so small you can't tell what it is) on the tacos is way too little for what they charge, and the food is bland. We went several times and I will never step foot in the place again. Not worth a drive from anywhere...