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Mar 1, 2011 09:43 AM

Saigon Closed for Remodeling

The restaurant will be closed for several weeks due to remodeling.

Saigon Restaurant & Bakery
704 University Ave W, Saint Paul, MN 55104

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  1. Thanks for the notice. I'll be counting the days until they reopen. I miss that grilled pork banh mi already!


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    1. re: AnneInMpls

      I thought I should post so that you wouldn't be disappointed going there and find them closed as I did!

      1. re: SmartCookie

        Too late for me. I had my disappointment already. But thanks for letting us know a time frame.

    2. I hope they're really remodeling and not using the euphemism for "We're done. Nothing to see here. Go away." They didn't move in that long ago....

      1. From their Facebook page Feb. 24, 2011:

        " To all our friends and customer we greatly apperciate your patronage !!!! But we will be closed for d next 10 days to remodel to make your experience at Saigon more enjoyable . We apologize for any inconvenience we cause you. Once again we thank you"

        They were also closed from Feb 8 - 18 to repair a leaking gas line in the building. Draw your own conclusions.



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        1. re: HuaGung

          Update from their Facebook page:

          "We will be open on Friday :))"



          1. re: HuaGung

            Thank you. I love this place and would have missed their food. As I work in St. Paul, they're a go to place. Ngon may be more up-scale but this place serves great, unpretentious food.

        2. Haven't been there or driven by lately. Did they ever reopen?

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            1. re: ssioff

              I had lunch there today - I didn't notice any change, decor-wise. The food was as great as ever. I had a grilled pork banh mi. Heaven!