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Mar 1, 2011 08:31 AM

Decent Chinese in Northeast?

Looking for fresh, good Chinese food in the northeast.....could just be take-out, or eat in. Doesn't have to be cutting edge, fusion, or anything fancy, just tasty and fresh for a fast lunch or dinner (I often have to eat on the go or pick up on the way home from work at Rhawn and the Boulevard) Help!!

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  1. I don't know which way you travel to head home and this is likely outside the nearby lunch area but I have recently heard good things about Place One in the Woodhaven Mall at Frankford ave and Woodhaven rd. Not great, but quite good. The person had been there when it was owned by someone else and hated it, went back with a group (they didnt do the organizing) and had good things to say.

    1. China King, Front and Cheltenham, Take Out only

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        Is this place really good? I drive by there all the time and it looks like such a dump. What's good there?

        1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

          It was recommended as having Wor Shu Opp, one of my old Cantonese favorites. Have not been, but planning to go for that duck dish

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            I haven't eaten there in a good while (4-5 yrs) but I considered it the best Chinese take out I've ever had. Their duck was excellent (I was told it was brought in from the local duck shops in the asian strip malls), along with very good rice and noodle dishes. It may look like a dump, but the food is very very good. Not Chinatown good, but above average for a take out place.

            1. re: paychecktoday

              I posted the original China King rec. in a thread a few days ago. If they source the duck locally, there is an excellent Chinese barbecue stand in the international supermarket at Adams and Rising Son. Roasted and B'Que, $14 for a whole duck, cut up anyway you like it. Whole roasted pork , B'Que pork, scallion roasted whole chicken. All offerings hanging properly behind the glass barrier.
              Regarding China King, its not downtown, but then again, neither are you if you're looking for decent suburban. Aside from the duck (they also do a "spicy" version of the pressed fried duck with shrimp and pork slices in a darker sauce that is very good and chock full of fresh, properly cooked veggies). Also love the chow fun with beef, egg foo young and shrimp in lobtser sauce--all guilty pleasures when I cant get (or stay) downtown for dinner where my somewhat more adventurous palate can roam.

        2. Aya Asian Fusion is really good. It's near Cottman and Frankford.

          1. I was on a similar quest for some time. In the northeast, my personal favorite is Taste King on Bustleton Avenue. However, my favorite in the area is Ming's in Hatboro.